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How to gain parry fast.

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Gaining in parry is realy easy. You simply go to Jhelom pits in felucca and gather as many female fighters as possible. Attack all of them, and dissarm everybody useing a weapon.


What you need:

- A good bunch of shields.

- A suit with good physical resit (dull copper i.e.).

- Bandages


1. Go to Jhelom Pits.

2. Find as many female fighters as possible (at least nine).

3. Attack and dissarm all of them, then go out of attack mode before you kill them.

4. Be sure to use a shield.

5. Equipt a weapon from a weapon class you can't wield.

6. Heal yourself.

7. Don't macro unattended!

8. Don't let your character time out the connection.

- Ask me for tips on this one if you dont know how to do it.


NB! Don't attack the fighters outside the pit. Hire them, then bring them to the pit before you attack. You should dismiss them before attacking.


You should be able to go from 40 - 120 in a few hours if done correctly.

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