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How to gain healing fast.

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I have done some tests on the best way to gain the healing skill. First I tried healing a dead char to gain by ressurecting and then i cross healed a character fighting paladins in Trinsic. After a couple of hours of testing it seems that cross healing a character is the best way of gaining.

While cross healing you may heal every 2 seconds. With ressurecting you may only heal every 5-6 seconds.


What you need to train:

- 2 characters. One taking the damage, and the one training healing.

- Lots of bandages.

- A good armor on the char that takes the damage (Dull copper suit).


1. Log on with two accounts or get a friend to help you.

2. Get two paladins, from Paladin Isle in Trinsic, with each account (you may only have two pr. account).

3. Get all paladins to attack the first character (don't use the 'All guard' command. It may make the paladins attack eachother).

4. Heal the first character with the character that is training healing.

5. Don't macro unattended!

6. Don't let any of the characters time out the connection.

- Ask me for tips on this one if you dont know how to do it.


I did exactly that and gained some 20% in a couple of hours (from around 85% to 108%).


You can use the following UO Assist macro on the healer:

Use item type (bandages)

Target last target (the char that takes the hit)

Pause 2500 ms (this will allow you to heal constantly with 100 dex or more)

: Loop the macro with UOA Forever. Uoa4ever.exe (the link is for my own homepage area).

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