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Changing the name of the owner?

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No i used to make a fake char, put the house on him, and then delete the char, just so people dont know its my house (fel house). Board will hold the name of the placer untill its transferred again. Dont know any other ways...

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As far as I know, Calell and McJiff are right - unless a character name change would do it? I know it alters the 'blessed for' name on items, but have no clue if it works on house owner names too. It's an expensive way to try solve the problem though.

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btw, I see houses with no owner sometimes, how is this posible? is it a bug?!


(this can be a nice thing if you want to make a public library)


I believe these are all private houses? Only has 2 lines of text on the board right? Those are bugged osi houses from some time back, dont think they will ever decay or drop or vanish...

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