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The Blue Light Tavern - Happenings

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Fruit Loop won the archery competition! It came down to the two ATD gents. They're a little spooky looking... very mysterious. Lord Gareth had very generously donated 250K for the winner. The LAST competition I was at, Fruit Loop won! I told him *I* thought I was good luck for him. I think we're going to take our act on tour!


There was an interesting tribal girl there. She sort of laid claim to the BLT. Nanoc and I were stuck on the outside patio portion. Anytime we stepped foot over her red line, she'd let out a savage scream. I thought it was highly amusing and really didn't have a lot of qualms with being stuck in a tavern, however, Former Mayor Gareth didn't seem to appreciate having a squatter. There was a bit of a scuffle. She attacked the Former Mayor! Not smart! He sic'd his mare on her. It wasn't pretty. She also started redecorating a part of the zoo. I thought it looked nice. Nanoc commented that it looked like a "dung hole". Again, Former Mayor was not happy. I made the JOKE that he should just keep her in the zoo & charge people to see her. I think he might have took it serious!!!! We'll see, I guess!

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Aye M'Lady Abby. She was a scary savage.

Sorry to have been late but I had to wait for the ship at the Port of Dragons Watch for the rum. Great archery contest, yes them ATD men are a tight knit bunch or soldiers.

I did see her attack Gareth first.

Oh I still have some stuff for the aquarium to give to Gareth.

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