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I'm pretty sure I'll be able to compete tonight!


And as far as the egg:


Egg Stolen on: Jun 24, 2008

Overall Views: 331

Unique Views: 233

Clicks: 11

Egg will die if it doesn't hatch in: 6.3 days


This egg is split down the middle into two colors.


Unborn dragons are actually ready to hatch early on in their development cycle. However, they choose to remain in the safety of their own egg rather than leave it. If a developed dragon is forced out of its egg prematurely, it will usually run away or hide immediately.


The shell of the egg seems soft, as though there's something wrong with it.

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I've received word from my cousin that this competition was won by a guildmate of Se'an's named Fruit Loop of ATD guild. I believe I read somewhat that he'd won another competition sometime not too long ago. Good job!


My cousin and guildmate, Lady Luana Wilfair (or Lu to friends and family) enjoyed herself as she tried to compete. Thank you all for making her feel welcome and especially to those who watched that she did not fall in harm's way while she could not defend herself; you have my gratitude.

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Yes, but I have always argued how do you get sun at 9 pm or 1 am? You could still check in with those you refer to as friends, even if not for as long as winter months when there is less other entertainment to enjoy. Of course, we could say that she just did check in, of sorts, but not everyone uses UOForums or even ICQ. Are they still not friends though? If you think of UO as "just a game" and therefore you do not have any friends, no need to reply. This is still my opinion.

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