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Mage Weapons and skill gain

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I just gm'd magery a few weeks ago using this technique.


I did magic reflection until I reached 55 I believe. Then I equipped a -20 mage weapon and kept doing the spell until gains slowed down.


I then switched to invisibility to GM.


A good guide can be found somewhere here in the mage forum.

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Another neat thing to do is pump up your magery using jewels and what not as high as you can, then have a satyr discord you. Take off all your +magery stuff and put on the -mage weapon. You can gain from 3rd circle spells if you do it around the same level as I did.


What I would like to know is if you gain magery from hitting stuff with mage weapons like you do other combat skills. If so, I've got a very interesting 100% poison kryss mage weapon I'd like to try out on a golem.

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I GMed magery with a -29 spell channeling short spear just yesterday. I used the guide on uoguides.com, but here's the short guide:

30-45 fireball, 45-55 lightning, 55-65 paralyze, 65-75 energy bolt. At 75 I put on the weapon and it and took me to 46 and I started with lightning again. Your skills gains won't go faster just because you're artifically lower, though, but it will take a HELL of a lot less mana than flamestrike. My patience was really tested when I got to 90 in real magery skill, as the gains were slow.

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