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Does anyone still play UO?

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My name is Sysaro Rakshasa, Son of Armand Rakshasa, & leader of the Order of the Elder Dragons guild on Napa Valley. Our main members are those who have been "turned" towards the darker side of the peaceful life in Trammel and look to turn others (especially Paladins) fighting for what they describe as "Good" side which is a matter of opinion.


Anyways, I ran into a group from the guild "^OB^" I believe it was near the entrance of The Blighted Grove but none of them spoke to me. Is anyone still on this server? Does anyone play UO anymore? Just curious where everyone is.


We try to role-play an evil guild with good intentions if that makes sense. We will aid those in need, IF we stand to gain from it.


For instance: A while back I was killing Ice Fiends with an occasionally check for Arctic Ogre Lords. While fighting an Arctic Ogre Lord, someone decided to "help" kill the Lord without my asking. I thanked them and went about my business. Then he decided to pull the next spawn. Now I don't mind sharing when asked, but I hate people that just jump in. So as he was DYING, I sat back and watched. When he yelled for help, I only responded by using "Spirt Speak". Needless to say, he died, I killed the Lord, and continued what I was doing. When he returned to collect his belongings, after cursing at me repeatedly, I calmly responded with "Death is only the beginning my friend. Only through death, can you truly live." I went into wraith form, and wisked my way back to my lair with great satisfaction.


Please let me know if anyone is still around. I would like to find some new friends or enemies to enjoy the game with.



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I'm playing Napa Valley as well.. Looking for anyone alive there (2014).


First post in this thread in 6 years - I'm not sure necromancy has even been a part of UO that long... :)


Napa is fairly dead.  Your search for other players will most likely need to be conducted on another server, starting with Atlantic, and then moving to Pacific, and maybe Great Lakes or Lake Superior.  Or you may have to learn Japanese or German... but on the bright side, you'll find most of the spawn lightly contested, at worst, and housing should be a dream.

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I'm Brother Patrick, hope to chat with you in game sometime. I'm sadly just a casual weekend player.


I've been too swamped to play. H opefully soon, once I get back from E3 and everything.

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