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Can you sell pets through vendors?

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No, but I've thought that would be one of the greatest things in UO to implement. I wonder if they worry about tamers abusing it from a pet stable aspect, but it seems they could tie the vendor inventory to the pet in your stable. Would be nice to have a picture of the pet (in color) and then the ability to view his stats with the price. The vendor would only sell if you had the ability to control the pet. Would be very cool to have UO pet stores available.

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Well this isnt selling pets off a vendor the normal way but i use this to sell pets . I make a rune using my house sign that list basics on pet and my icq number and place it vendor with the rune priced for what i want for the pet. This has actually got me alot of sales ppl see rune and hit me on the icq to arrange a sale or get more info on the pet.

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