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The Blue Light Tavern will be open Tonight Monday the 16th at 7pm est. We welcome everyone from around the world to come join us. It will be a time to meet new people as well as chit chat about old times with old friends. Enjoy some great gaman meat and good drinks. Dont forget to bring your gold purse!!!



Come and enjoy our new fire pit area. Warm yourself by the fire and tell great tales of battles won or even lost.



Enjoy our outside deck area. It is now summer and who wouldnt want to sit outside? A great place to bring your lady or man after a nice night out on the town.



You can also sit inside and drink from our famouse Green mugs. We also have two music boxes for your enjoyment with great tunes to listen to.



For those who have something to prove.... come and try out our new archery area infront of the Blue Light Tavern. Challenged your friends or someone wandering down the street.


*Please be careful not to miss the brute and strike someone in the fire pit area.*


The Blue Light Tavern is located on the Chesapeake Shard within the city of PaxOku. The city and tavern is located on the Homare-Jima island of the tokuno islands. (Just take the Homare-Jima moongate)


Again we welcome everyone and anyone.

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That new fire-pit area looks great Gareth! A while back a person in the housing forum was asking about items locked down in front of steps. I don't have a clue how its done but I see from your pictures that you do, If you'd be willing to tell how its done here's a link to the post: placing items where house steps should be


Nice job on the Deco!

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