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Notes for the Council of Sin meeting of June 13th, 2008.

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Host: Lord Havok of the 13th Legion


Attendees: John Duke, Ga'kuct, Darth Oni, BloodLust, James Von Krieg, Malia, and Havok



Topics Discussed:


1) Malia is slowly converting the citizens to her rule in Cove.


2) BloodLust had some information on the location of one of a set of books the council was looking for. We investigated the taverns in the city of Britain and questioned the person for information.


3) There is a plan to run a Capture the Castle type of event, Tancred Redstar is wanted for questioning.


4) Ga'kuct had some items worth "dub laglz of dung" which I would assume is a lot.


5) Lord Havok has stepped down as Guildmaster for the 13th Legion and has passed the power on to Az


The next Council of Sin meeting is planned tentatively for 2 weeks.



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The Coucil ventured to East Britian in search of one Uncle Mario, the relative of a prominent PaxLair Community offical.


Although quite drunk at the time Mario did provide some information about one of the Books of Sin, The Book of Covetous.


He said he overheard converstations at the Taven from 3 squirrelly lads.


Before passing out he said he would try and provide the Council with more information.



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