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I'm going to paste what I wrote on the Valorian boards, so I won't have to write it again.


Hello all!


I'm the curator of the MoongatesWiki, a community project primarily focused at gathering and structuring the role-play history and legacy of Europa. The wiki is now running on its second year, and has proven to be great help for both attracting new players to the community, and for preserving the unique setting of Europa role-play for existing role-players.


Obviously, it's not just for RPers, but we're planning to add more "general" Europa, Ultima Online and Ultima topics as we go along.


This project is community driven. This means, that all the content is provided by single individuals. The texts are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, which ensures that any entered text remains free (as in free speech) to the public forever. Noone can steal the texts and claim it for their own. The aim must be to spread knowledge, not to create a competition between several suppliers of "RP history".


I've recently written up two articles on Valoria. I used Tussi de Luxe's History of Valoria as a base for the latter article. I'm now hoping, as I've never really been that involved with Valorian affairs, that you can help me in improving the information already there about Valoria.


Valoria - MoongatesWiki

Township of Valoria - MoongatesWiki


It would be much appreciated!


I can be reached at ICQ 250836370 if needed.

Briefly, I'm hoping that you will all contribute to the MoongatesWiki by creating articles on your own character(s). This will greatly improve not only the Britannia Guards-article, but also the general representation of people on the wiki.


You can see various examples here:

Britannia Guards - MoongatesWiki

Edmund Fairholm - MoongatesWiki

Kraadu - MoongatesWiki

Orcs of Tolagâl - MoongatesWiki



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