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I just started playing again. I seem to be well under the power curve. I have decent combat abilities. 98 tact, 96 sword, 68 heal, 73 parry, 63 mage, 49 resists.


But I seem to be stuck in that I can't seem to figure out how everone seems to easily be able to handle things I can't come close to.


Is it just that I don't have any of the expansion packs and thus am missing out on alot of the better abilities? Or do I just royally suck.


Either way, I would like to find some people that I could regularly group with to do some of the content that keeps kicking my ass. If anyone needs an extra loot picker-upper or something, I'd love to tag along, or if you think you can teach me a thing or too that would be great also.

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Hi, and welcome back to the game and UOForums!


First off what are you trying to tackle? and what time are you usually on?


Skills is kinda tricky, depends on what your shooting for...for a warrior alot go either with paladin skills or samurai. Most shoot for at least 110 in the weapon skill, etc...Magery I don't have a clue, I'm like the worst mage in the game!


Your suit matters alot also, This was the biggest change for me to adapt to when I came back...I was just used to throwing on GM heavy archer and going hunting, nowadays you have to find pieces that give you a percentage towards your resistances, pyhsical, fire, cold, electrical, etc.....you want to shoot for 70's in most if you can.


It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but hey If I can adapt (after stubbornly holding out for about a year =)), then anyone can!


Chessy has a great community and I bet you'll get alot of offers of help. If you play later at night let me know and we can go do some hunting, or work on raising your skills some!






P.S. if your looking for a guild the 13th is recruiting^^

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Hi and welcome back to Chessy! :)


Alot of things have changed, I recently discovered that myself, hehe. Don't worry, it really isn't too bad once you get the hang of all the new stuff. I'm still training too, so I've not really gone against any of the new baddies yet, like Doom or Peerless. I haven't a clue about those things.


If you need some LRC (Lower Regeant Cost) armors or some skill jewelry, let me know. I may have some things you could put to good use. :)

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