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I have been thinking about starting a new guild on the atlantic shard. I have been playing UO for 21 months. I already have 2 rlf that are going to start it with me. Before I actualy start the guild I would like to get some information about starting guilds. How should I set up a recruitment process, what should I look for, and how to grow a postive guild that reflects my believes in UO. I don't like starting something that fails. Just looking for help and some information.

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Hi Merc,


Phew! Where to start? =)


Before you start recruiting, the three of you should really talk about what you'd like to accomplish with a guild. So the three of you are all on the same page and have the same goals. Always remain flexible, but always have a direction... a goal. Even if that goal is to be a dozen or so casual players; 50 RP'ing, restless orcs upsetting the local villagers just for fun; or a zerging, 400 member, champ & shard control guild. Know what you guys have in mind, then plan from there.


FYI: The Syndicate's book... Legend of the Syndicate, is a great book for guildmasters.


The bigger the guild, the more people you have to play with... but also the more work that goes into running the guild. If you can share the workload, the better for the GM... GM's burnout like light bulbs. They burn white hot when their brand new, and then *poof*... they're gone. Help each other out as you grow.


Create a little site, maybe a forum... UOForums here is a great option for a guild forum. :) On the other hand, don't ever... never... use GuildPortal or ProBoards (you can't take your posts with you if you leave); and the UOF Brute Squad (Adam, Maddux, Snuggs, Solidchrome and some big, hairy guy named Dip Fezzik Corleone... he is the brute squad!) would have to "fix" things. =)


Setup a charter and some rules. Layout what type of guild it is, so new recruits have something to read and follow. Like PvP, PVe/M, crafters, RP (what kind of RP, many types). No green-killing, requirements (maybe like TS/Vent, IM, age, uniforms, etc.), or things that don't matter... say it, don't let guildies assume it. Assumptions opens things up to drama. Write a fictional history of your guild's origins.


There is a lot to running a guild. But the most important aspect is to... have fun. :)

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If you can share the workload, the better for the GM... GM's burnout like light bulbs. They burn white hot when their brand new, and then *poof*... they're gone. Help each other out as you grow.




The one good thing about us, is that we are all firefighters and already have the brother-hood mentility. So this is why we are wanting to start a guild. Kinda taking our believes and values, changing them to fit the guild and then instill them into this game we love to play.

1) Life saftey (us)

2) Incident Stabilization (you)

3) Property Conservation (your property)


I am thinking that we are on the right track.

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Umm yea I was trying to think of something to add to Nok’s post but I think he pretty much summed it up. One thing I would say also is to set up a recruitment process. You can save yourself headaches with that.

One of the ways I kept track of members and other characters was in my guilds forums I started a thread and every time we added a member we made them a thread.

What we did was only the higher up members had access to these threads and they were used like a personal folder. So any negative things or if the member added more than one character all that information went into their “file”

Another thing that worked out really well for us is keep it FUN J too much seriousness never seemed to work.

Good Luck!!

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Thanks Merc. The brotherhood is great, that will make things so much easier and fun.


By the way, take a look at the UGK link in Tazz's signature. UGK would be a great place to look for ideas too, they've done some really great things over the years. :)

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