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I'm a Tamer/Discorder/Peacer at 3rd dot of Follower and I gain Honor slower than an arthritic, uniplegic snail climbing up a wall!


These are my "effective" skills:

Taming = 120

Lore = 120

Vet = 120

Music = 115

Disco = 120

Peace = 115

Chiv = 50


Are there any Honor-gaining secret tricks? What should I Honor? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmm. I may not have been clear in my post. I have gained to approximately mid Honor and I do, in fact, understand the mechnics of gaining and using Honor. I have achieved Knight status in Honor on Mages and Melee chars. What I do not understand is how to efficiently and speedily gain Honor as a Tamer/Bard.


Sorry but the post you referenced doesn't appear to answer my question. It appears to be UO's brief manual of Honor functionality and not the secrets of gaining Honor. Am I missing something?

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Honorable combat is defined as:


* Allowing your opponent to damage you first. (Even if you do the first damage you still gain honor)

* Engaging in one-on-one combat

* Not using ranged weapons, unless you stay in the same spot where you honored your opponent, or you only damage your opponent while adjacent to them. (This is not the case anymore. Archers can gain honor even if they don't stay in the same spot)

* Not allowing your pets or summoned creatures to help you during the battle. (Again, this is not the case anymore. Pets and summons can help you gain honor. Tamers DO take a penalty on honor. At level 2, we can only gain from balrons, swoops, ancient wyrm, etc. Basically, monsters with fame in excess of 15000, according to uo.com and uo.stratics.com bestiary guides. Can still get to knight, just takes ALOT longer.)

* Avoiding the use of poison.

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I just killed (by pet only no Bard intervention) 32 Honored Ice Fiends (Ice lvl 2) which I believe are Balrons. My Honor increased from 3rd dot Follower to....3rd dot Follower. Not all that impressive really.


This is what I am trying to avoid...wasting game time. There must be a better way???

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I am sooo proud of my UO Honor accomplishments!!!

I started out with only 3rd dot Follower and then my char killed 32 Honored Ice Deamons (Balrons) without Bard intervention. I am so proud that we gained from 3rd dot Follower all the way up to 3rd dot Follower! This is a testament to diligence and perseverance...absolute zero gain!!!


Then the best is yet to come! I am sooooo entirely proud that my my char killed (via pets and no Bardic influence) 32 Honored Sphynx and gained exactly nothing, zero, ziltch, nada, nothing. Not a single Honor gain. And yet, the Sphynx is the eleventh most likely creature to afford my char a gain.


So after killing 32 Ice Deamons and 32 Sphinxs, my char gained absolutlely zero Honor, I am soooo proud and happy. This is as it should be! Screw me!!!

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Ice Fiends are much lower karma/fame than balrons! Try the real balron, ancient wyrms, or succubi for a true opponent. Maybe paragon versions of some lower monsters might work too. On a bard, honor the critter, area peace (not direct peace), and commence spelling with a slayer spellbook some vortex, ebolts,etc. Your discording the monster will help too, and not detract from gaining honor. If you use a pet, make sure it is in guard mode. And most important...try not to honor yourself, (been there and done that way too many times).

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im a tamer, i take my dragon out and honor succubi or miasma, and i get nice gains the whole time, make sure when teh creture dies you see at the bottom of yer screen "you have gained in honor" if it does not say that, find a tougher creature


as you gain in honor, weaker monsters wont gain for you anymore, so yeah.., succubi or miasma works for me, or coils in blighted grove too, takes some time luring them on foot, kinda tricky, but it can be done without much if any deaths, just have an invis ready : )

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Go to Fan Dancer Dojo. Do the succubus on the third level. It goes up fairly fast. Honor them and kill them. Cu's work great here, as they do cold/energy damage which is the succubus' worst resists. They spawn fast. You ARE at the level where it takes a lot longer...in fact, that last bubble to knight will probably take you 30+ succubi to achieve, but I have yet to find a faster place to gain. I would take your cu, honor, sick the cu on the succubus, and then peace it...you will kill them fast. Succubus are demons, so bring a demon slayer instrument to maximize your percentage of success on them...with a demon slayer instrument and your skill level you should hit them every time. Good luck!


Note, you really don't NEED to peace them, the Cu's do kill them pretty quickly so this is up to you. I was giving it some thought and I'm not sure how peacing affects honor. I don't "believe" it does but I may be wrong. Try it and see. If peacing them allows no gains, then don't use it, but give it a whirl and see.

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Original poster here


Thanks for all the good suggestions!

And I appologize for my ranting account of last night's Honor gains. I was a bit overboard.


And, yes, I have, once or twice, Honored myself but not last night. Embarrassing, to say the least!


I will try again tonight.


Good Hunting

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