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Seeking shard/price for Investigator's Cloak

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Be VERY careful when buying event rares with skills on.. Unless you know 100% how many of them there are about, the history of the cloak that you buy.


Vine Cord Sandals just lost their skills.. Why? All dupes.. yes there are duping bugs still around. The ONLY real pair.. is on a banned account..

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Curses - thanks for the reminder, Gnomy.


Has anyone ever paged a GM and asked them if an item was real and thus safe to buy?



The sad part is, that they can't check.


I'd hate to stimulate anyone to buy a possibly duped item, but GMs can't check whether an item is duped or not.


As for this cloak, I would PC it at around 300-350m. They are far less common than most PvP/obviously duped items. I can't comment on whether or not it has been duped, but I can say I don't see them for sale often. And it's a pretty good item, frees up 20 skill points.

There always is a risk when buying high end items, so it's always good to do some research. Who am I dealing with? How did this person get this item? Is he selling any obviously duped items?

If a seller has problems telling you this, or just plain refuses to tell and tells you to shut up and buy, then you really do need to reconsider.

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