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  • All guild members should turn up to guild events in uniform unless otherwise specified.
  • All guild members should have their ranks and guild tags shown at all times.
  • All guild members should salute each-other upon meeting.
  • Higher ranking members, and officers, should be addressed as Sir, Ma'am, or whatever is appropriate, not as there names.
  • Respect your fellow role-player, whatever rank.
  • Don't talk over people who are talking to you.
  • When someone is briefing you and you're lined up don't emote or talk at all, it's really irritating, even if you think you're being a clever role-player.
  • Don't Player-Kill (PK) or act like an asshole when you're playing your LB character. If someone is acting like a dick to you try and respond in an intelligent manner, not "OMG U SUK 2, LOL".
  • Only use [brackets] to go Out of Character (OOC) when you urgently have to get a point across. You should never use them just to have a OOC chat with someone, or make some OOC point.
  • You may never use magical gear on your character, even for hunting.
  • You may not use ethereal mounts.
  • Characters with the poison, necromancy or thieving skill will not be accepted into the Guard.
  • If you have a problem with another player, go through the correct chains of command to report it. Do not post rants to the forum.

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