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Super Sized Craftsman Day This Sunday - The Syndicate Guild.

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Received from the Syndicate.


Many many years ago, in the early days of UO, The Syndicate started an event called

Craftsman Day. The idea was to provide free services to players who

might not have their own top tier craftsman char or who were in the

middle of hunting and needed a quick repair. Since then, the event has

been replicated on many servers by many groups and crafting itself has

changed. There are new items to create... there are enchantments.. and

much more.


Craftsman Day for The Syndicate continues on much as it has for many

years. Free item repairs. Free enhancing. Free creates. If we have

the materials on hand we will make it for you. If you bring the

materials, we will make whatever you need for free. We do that every

Sunday at 4pm EST for an hour at our castle in Trammel. We send gaters

to the major banks who will help you in getting to the castle and back



Every couple of months we "super size" the event. This is one of those

months. We try to offer things like lock picking (for the Dark Wisp

chests perhaps) or taming or other things not exactly crafting but that

not all players may have a char with that skill.


If you are interested in participating in the event there is no cost.

Simply look for a gater with LLTS over their heads at your local bank

Sunday at 4pm and come on over. We'd be happy to help you out.

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