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Cross-Shard Tour with Baja Announcement Link

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That was an excellent tour last night on Baja!! We visited more than 11 locations, some with 4-8 different houses. So much history. I learned a lot more about "Mage Towers" and how they were created on the shards. Even about Seer Sannio creating the Skara Community Centers, tailored to each shard.


There's so much to recall about the tour, including the Dark Tower, Lumarian Bridge, Golden Brew Pub, EM Vincent's tower in Moonglow on the river, Gravewater Shores area, Skara Brae Faire Grounds and Archery range, and especially Avalon and Kingdom of Dawn.


We have Baja and Pacific coming to Chesapeake on May 18th, Sunday, 7-9 PM ET. For only a 2 hour tour, we can hit the PaxLair Statehood and our cities. I'd like to definitely get them over to Guardians Gate too. So maybe 30 minutes per city (PaxLair City, Dragons Watch, PaxOku, Guardians Gate). A demonstration at each location would be great. Oh... maybe need to make it 3 hour tour... would like to have them see Vesper Risk in action.


Winfield, Old Man

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