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Seeking questions for interviews

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Hi all


I'm wanting to get some interviews started with community folk and guilds etc, so would like people to submit questions for future interviews


I'll make a point of adding your names to the interviews when it's posted, so you get credit for the questions


So, can you all submit some questions YOU would ask a guild or individual in this thread.


Remember to separate the two, so a format similiar to this, would be great


Guild Questions


- Question

- Question

- Question


Individual Questions


- Question

- Question

- Question


(As an example)


And a gentle reminder : Keep this thread ON topic.

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I'm after questions for future individuals, not specific ones, so I want GENERIC questions that could apply to anyone or ANY guild.


Example for individuals being


How long have you played UO?

Have you ever run a guild, or been a member of one?


Examples for guild questions


How big is your guild?

How long have you been around?

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What is your fondest memory about UO?

What interests you more in UO? (or What keeps you addicted?)

What do you think of the current state of UO? (or What are the great points of UO relative to the other games)

What would you like to see/add in UO?

What do you despite in UO? (note I didn't wrote "who" =))




What are your goals as a guild?

Which kind of players are you after?

What does the future holds for your guild?

What does your guild have to offer to new recruits?



Hope it helps.

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1. do you prefer the solo play or group/guild play

2. do you enjoy crafting or do it as a necessity

3. do you still enjoy the game or hold on because of all your stuffs?

4. compare the experience today to when you first started.




1. plans to grow or just hold on to what/who you currently have

2. plans to expand guild to other shards/games

3. hardest thing about maintaining membership/activities

4. most important thing to look for in a guild?

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Guest PAlexandria

Have you ever quit the game?

How many times?

Why did you quit?

Why did you come back?

Are you a masochist? (Sorry - scratch that one!)

Have you ever met anyone from the game in RL?

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