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[Europa] HLP Guild buys your low lrc armor.

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Hello fellow europa citizens,


Our guild is willing to improve it's efforts toward new adventurers so we decided to start buying Lower Reagent Cost armor parts.


We will pay 2500gp for any armor part that has 12 LRC or more and has less than 30 strength requirement (resists or look don't matter), also, we prefer human armor rather than elven armor as there aren't many new elves nowadays.

Note that we won't buy the parts if the durability is too low (under 20 for armor and 15 for hats).

We will pay 1500gp for any jewelry that has 14 LRC or more.


I know it's not much, but I hope it'll entice you to keep the pieces rather than leave them on the monsters you hunt


I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the players who helped us over the years with their generous donations. They allowed us to equip many young adventurers with LRC suits or nice jewelry.


You can contact me through ICQ at 48022555 (ask for msn in game)

Or Minerva at 93492303


You can also send me e-mails through the contact page of our website : HERE


Finally, you can find both Minerva or me in New Haven most evenings (european time) if you want to trade directly.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Paidric [HLP]


PS: I know it's not the europa forum... but as nobody seems to read it :)

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And now I have found the right thread to thank you for your support!


Both characters, Angus and Asleif got some really great armor from [HLP] - THANK YOU!


It makes life much easier with this fine crafted stuff.


And I'm almost finished by reaching 7x100. Only a few .x are missing...=) - and that's why I want to ask of how to be of service to you. Asleif is a mage with knowledge of inscription. Is there a need of scrolls/runebooks/spellbooks? - If yes, plz tell me what you need and/or want and I try to do my best to create this things for you.

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