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What sells best on your vendors?

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guess it really depends on how much gold you are looking to make.


Me I sell items I fish up (paintings, pillows, wooden/metal chests) I do not sell them for much, everything is less than 2k except large painting which I sell for 5k.


everytime I stock, I get sold out in a day or 2.


but if you are looking for big cash - peerless items/ingrients are the way to go.


Resources (all) if you are still gathering them. prices are going up.

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So items like the Gems from mining, different types of wood, items from fishing.. sound interesting.


The main reason I asked this question in the 1st place is because I just started a vendor at my house, i only have one, and I sell some artifacts (not doom), LRC gear, jewelry etc..


The LRC gear tends to not sell as well as the other items I currently have. I'm thinking of making a resource character with skills like.










Those 7 sound pretty good to me and Ill just 100 each of them.

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