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Still seeking +Discord items, though not so desperately

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At last, with the assistance of Swoop, some lucky 10th Ed arty drops and a tight fiscal policy, I saved enough gold to purchase a Legendary Scroll of Discordance.


It took me many days of waiting and searching Luna for a second-hand scroll. Initially, I was disheartened by the exhorbitant prices these Champ Spawners wanted, but eventually I located a kind shop keeper willing to part with his scroll for a bit less than 1.2M - I even had enough cash left over for a few rounds of insurance.


To my delight, I discovered that the giant flaming bolts from the sky now enabled me to rise to a lofty 117.6 (modified) discord skill.


Even better, I can now discord paragon Cu Sidhes! Of course, I haven't actually succeeded yet...but that's where you come in!


I'm looking for a +15 Discord ring to replace my +14 and a fishing pole with greater than +7.





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A huge thanks to Madrid of Sonoma, fellow tamer and frequent haunt of the Twisted Weald, for the generous gift of a +15 discord ring! With this additional +1, I'm now a powerhouse 119 discord.


Today, I discorded my first paragon - a Druid!


I expect the remaining 10 gains to come through normal play, so I'll thank you all for your efforts on my behalf and







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