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An OOC Update on the Vendors Association Plans

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Turns out I will not be able to have time to do a Vendors Association. I just will not have the time nor the resources to put to task such an undertaking as I envisioned it. I want the idea and concept to stay alive however, and I would be willing to do just about anything to keep the concept alive--even to the point of relinquishing my 12x14 plot due East of the Yew Moongate to further the cause.


However, I cannot put as much time in as I hoped previously to make this hope a reality.


I do apologize, but I think it is better to state so now before I dig myself further in a hole that I might not be able to recover from.


As I have heard before stated in the past few weeks was of if this wonderful game of Ultima Online were to ever to become something other than fun (i.e. actual work) then one should quit.


I want to cut this real possibility off at the pass. I do not want to remove myself from the Realm permanently. However, I cannot and should not go against my better conscience and my better judgement of how much time to put into the Realm. I want to keep this game fun for me--that is why I am here after all.


Furthermore, I fear a burnout of my own accord. Some of that was brought to light in my first disappearance. However, it has not come to that this time around, only a realization that I cannot sustain the levels of input I have had in the past few weeks. I do not want to reach the level of burnout.


I will continue to work on my priorties and address each issue in turn. In the meantime, I will be at the meetings, and I will make small prepartions for long term of success within the Realm, one of both fun and friends.


Thank you again for being always welcoming, and I look forward to seeing all at this week's PaxLair Meeting.


Long live Britannia & long live PaxLair,

The Person Behind Elias of Arundel

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What exactly were these plans or hope or parts of these plans ?


Mayhaps, others might be willing to assist thee, and all of us if we had some plans or concepts of what this all was to become or hoped to become. I may have missed meetings or informations but, tis an interesting concept and idea.


Would hate to see it vanish, mayhaps it should only be done in segments, at first, little stepping stones..by features or products or locations sizes etc. to reach out to those whom wish to participate etc. in some form of vendors association plans.

? ! *smiles*

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I'm sorry to hear that, Elias. I thought it was a grand idea, but you are right. This place should be fun, so do the things you enjoy! Getting burnt out is bad.


WyndRyder: Elias was thinking of getting an association together that would have vendors to rival those in Luna. I'm not sure if he was planning to have a central location for these vendors, or link them via runebooks, much like the Library Association of Chesapeake, but it was a nice idea.

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I would be willing to turn the first floor of my private estate within the walls of Luna into a Paxlair exclusive vendor market. Rent of course would be free for PaxLair citizens. Of course to ensure everyone could get a vendor, there would have to be a limit of one vendor per person. I could also set up the roof of the estate for Association meetings. This would allow exposure for the Association and to a PaxLair event in general. If you want to advertise, you need to do it where the people are.


Let me know what you think.

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P.S., I am SO glad we finally have a good market area in PaxOku. I've always tried to support the player town vendors first before shopping in Luna, so it's great to finally see a big vendor area in one of our cities. Good job people. ;)

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Yes sorry everyone. My itnernet died for 4days. My goal for today is to fill the rest of the vendor spots. We have had GREAT sales and even have regular customers. Oda that sounds great to do for PaxLair. Also we can talk more about the Market Association. I am doing tons of runes books with what we have now.


Also ODA!!! When are you going to pick up your rose. You know its only a matter of time before I lose it in my mess of 800,000 items :-)

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