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From The Desk Of Mayor Gareth

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As we begin to move towards our third year as a city we must reflect on what has happened over the almost three years. One thing I have focused mostly on is representation of government. For almost three years all positions have been appointed. We have seen great things from many people and far worse things from some people. As we move forward we find some cannot fulfill their duties like they use to be able to.


PaxOku remains an open door policy welcoming all no matter where you hail for. It will now also include an open door policy on its government.


The first effect of government change will be to the PaxOku City Council. The city council will hold general elections starting on February 3rd. Starting from the time this message reaches the public. General campaigning may begin.


Four seats is what the City Council is made up of. All seats are open. The City Council Chair is a appointed position to keep organization in the council should some not get re-elected.


To run for a City Council Position in PaxOku you need not be a citizen. Although if elected to the seat you will be recognized as one. (Please note becoming a citizen does not mean you need to leave your guild. You may also hold duel citizenship.)


You may even be new to the city or didnt even know it existed before. Please do remember you are an elected official by the people. Should you not serve the city well to help it grow or serve the people you may find yourself out of a job.


As you serve you will seek out new relations with different groups, guilds, cities and communities. You will help build the city for you, your family, your friends, your community and your citizens. You will help generate new growth in establishments and events. The harder you work the better you will find the city that is built for people by people.


Citizens of PaxOku will need to register voting in person to the Deputy Mayor. Council Chair Woman or myself. Citizens of the city are the only ones able to vote in the elections.


~Gareth Lightenburg

(Mayor Of PaxOku City)

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