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=)Hello fellow Sonomans!


I decided that I'd change up my tamer template a bit and stone meditation for discord. I'm loving it! Only problem is, I fail so often on my favorite PvM targets that I need to carry multiple GM instruments!


My +skill items get me almost to my 110 cap, but there is room for improvement...


Does anyone know of a +discord item higher than +7 available for sale or trade? Right now, I'm using a +7 discord fishin' pole of DOOM!! that a kind individual runic-crafted for me, free of charge. However, i'd really like to get at least a +10 item, perhaps a spell book if that is a possible mod...?


Other than that, I have a +15 disco bracelet so I'm set there. My ring is only +13, though, so if you've got one you'd like to unload for sale/trade or as a gift, let me know here. I'll post my ICQ when I get home, or maybe Mum will post it for me =)






I've got my eye on a cheap 115 scroll, thanks to certain search engines =P

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