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I run a small scribe vendor that I've been keeping well stocked. There's a few hundred k on there now.


Now I've been wondering: how safe is it to keep money on vendors? If I had say 20 million on there, would it be smart to keep it on there for a long period of time?


The vendor is in my house, so there's no fear of the vendor getting kicked or expiring.


UO has always been buggy, so I'd rather be sure!

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Ive ran vendors for a few years and havent had one magically disappear or lose my money but then again UO does have bugs, Id think it would be safer than say having a bunch of checks in a lock down that might disappear i.e. oops forgot to lock that down. Only thing that bugs me about it is the daily cost, but I suppose if you have a few mil on there the price is small. I still prefer to keep mine in the bank tho it would be nice if checks came in higher amounts like 5 mil & 10mil so you dont have to use up all your box space.

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