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Hi Kimmy,


Phew... it's been a while since I've used UO Wedding. I believe the scripts are formatted text files that you have to place in the correct directory (of the UO Wedding install on your PC's hard drive), and maybe have to load. I don't really remember.


Hopefully Queen Mum will post a reply... she is the expert.

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easiest way to add a script to the uowedding program is once you load the program go to File window then choose Script Browser ... then in the script browser window choose file ... then New Script ... put a title in the box that pops up ... then you can place your script information in the text box ... then you just close the box ... it auto saves it for you :)


If you need more help feel free to contact me by PM or icq @ 168-812-018 ...

we have UO Clerics available to assist players with any ceremonies across all shards.



The only drawback with the uowedding program is that it doesn't work (yet) with the KR client :(

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welp that is interesting ... just tried it again and it worked ... sorry if it doesn't work for you, I probably didn't explain it well enough.


Open UOwedding program

select File window

select Script Browser

select File in the new window (script browser)

select New Script

Type in name for you new script

Type or paste in your new script from any other document

Close box

New script is now listed and available under the script browswer section

or if putting in subfolder it will be listed there if highleted subfolder for new script area.


Oh well ... glad you figured out how to add them :)

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