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can i set up vendors in fel without letting anyone into my home

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Hmm I think it depends on your design. If you design it so you have an open area in the front and then everything else closed, you can lock the doors but make the house public. You can also design it with say the 2nd floor for vendors and then the basement(you make steps leading up to the 2nd floor) then lock the doors and use teleports

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I used to run a small vendor shop in Fel and catertered to the reds it was good business and they all knew that there was no fighting at the shop or they would get banned from shopping there. It worked out well. The vendor keeper did get murder once in a while by the occasional punk but if there where any regular customers around they were always quick to defend me. Of course I never really trusted any of them so I had hidding skills so that I could stock vendors without getting snooped or killed for free goods.

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