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PaxOku City To Propose Taxes and Payroll!!!

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Written by: Merik ONN


Mayor Gareth of PaxOku city is planning to release for the first time in city history: City Taxes and a City Budget. The plan is to be proposed to the PaxOku City Council later this week. What does that mean for you? Well its going to cost a pretty gold coin to live in the vibrant city. In the proposal are the following taxes and payroll.


1. PaxOku Property Tax-


Each citizen owning property in PaxOku will have a weekly tax. Depending on the property size, taxes will very.


7x7 to 13x7- 250gp per week

13x18 to 15x12- 500 gp per week

15x13 to 16x18 750 gp per week

17x12 to 18x18 1,000gp per week


Property Taxes will go to the city to provide for: Emergency Situations, City Guards, Public City Building Renovations etc.


2. PaxOku Protection Tax-


Each citizen living or belonging to PaxOku will have a weekly tax for protection.


100gp per week.


Protection Tax will go to supply armor, weapons, regs and repairs for the City Guard.


3. PaxOku Government Payroll-


Mayor Salary- TBA

Deputy Mayor Salary- 1,000gp per day


Chairlady Council Salary- 150gp per day

City Council Salary- 100gp per day


City Judge- 50gp per day


City Guards- 10gp per day


ONN News- 15gp per day

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It seems like our coffers will be in worse shape than before under the proposed plan, unless per day means per week for pay for city officials. I will be paying 600 gold a week in property tax and protection, but drawing 1050 gold a week in pay as City Council Chairwoman. Can we afford this?

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Let us do a run down.


PaxOku Payroll


Mayor- -1,000

Deputy Mayor- -1,000

Kijustsu Anei Viceroy- -500

Council Chairwoman- -150

City Council Member- -100

City Council Member- -100


Wither University--50 Gp Per Week

Dean- -25 Gp Per Week

Teacher- -15 Gp Per Week

Teacher- -15 Gp Per Week


PaxOku Park- -100 Gp Per Week


PaxOku City Guards- -800 Gp Per Week


PaxOku Construction- -10,000 Gp (New Park)

(Roads, Repairs, New Sites)


Monk Protection- -150 Gp Per Week


Bake Kitsune Protection- -75 Gp Per Week


Weekly Costs- -4,080

New Building -10,000



Total= -14,080

PaxOku City Budget 3,500


PaxOku City Bank= -10,580


Tomorrows PaxOku City Bank= -14,660

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