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Two things have been piquing my curiosity with UO today. The first is to do with champion spawns. I read about how you need to go through the spawns one by one but how do you activate the spawning? Just by double clicking the statue?


The second is GGS, how the hell does it work? I'm not thick, I just don't get how it effects gains. I've read the page on UO.com dozens of times now and don't see how it effects normal gains or when it kicks in or anything. Can somebody who understand it explain it?:)

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Well I can help you with your first question..

To Activate ("pop") a spawn you need to be a knight of valor.. You can gain valor by kill pretty much any type of monsters in UO. To pop it click on the virtue gump in your paper doll and then click the valor virtue (the sword) you should then get a target cursor.. Target the idol (statue) and that will start the spawn..


Hope that helps..


As for GGS gains they always confuse me too.. They are pretty much a way to guarantee a gain over a period of time.. For me I use it on my bard.. Im 110 and I get a GGS gain each day.. The more skill you have the longer the time period between GGS.

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Welcome to UO Forums Ansatsu_MoFo :)


Would like to add a clarification on gaining Valor. You have to be in a champ spawn area (either Fel or Ilsh) and kill the spawn current spawn.


Let me take a stab at explaining GGS. Depending on your skill level and total skill points. There is a "skill timer". If you have not gained in the skill during the timer and you have a successful skill check after the timer has expired you will get a gain. Let me illustrate. I used GGS gain to legendary my last tamer. I was at 720 skill points (had one set to go down) and 119+ taming. Not sure of the exact timer (think it is around 40 hours) but I would log in every other morning. Tame a bull and get a GGS gain. Only took one successful tame every other day. I could of tamed bulls nonstop and gotten more gains in between or I could of tamed bulls nonstop and not gotten a gain until the "skill timer" ran out and then gotten a GGS gain. All GGS does is after a "period" of time you will get gain if you pass a skill check.


Does that help at all?



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Yeah I getcha, thanks:)I thought it was similar to that but the way it's worded on UO.com is wierd imo. Does it work on any skill your using? Like could I, if I was in the position you were in vepl, and had say 119 provoke and 119 magery, would ggs work on both? Like after 40 hours if I logged on and used provoke I'd gain, would the same go for if I used magery straight after? Thats just me being inquisitive again:) The original question was perfectly explained, thanks:hat48:

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