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Hi there,


let me introduce myself shortly

i am from Germany, living in Texas since almost 2 years. I stopped playing UO in my country, because of the time difference.


I played on that particular shard since the day in went into the beta feb 15 ' 04

was GM in mining and blacksmithing, married to Jarl of a Clan (sort of a mix between vikings and highlander of some sort)


my sister still lives in germany and i really miss playing / or roleplaying.

(she is still on the server)


since english is not my 1st language i always was to shy to start uo again here in the US. but now i just wanna give it a shot. i am afraid i might lack simple emote vocabulary =)


I have read in this forum that a few shards are recommended i.e Europa


I looked into some guilds on other shards and guildnames like " pee vee pee " or some even worse and charnames that i forced myself to forget again =):o

discouraged me and my sister immediately said NO, NEVER !


i really want to give it a try and i hope i can find some nice players during the 14 days trial.




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Hello Kaila,and welcome to UOForums.


Here is a list of all the guilds registered with us who play Europa.


There are quite a few players frpom both Germany and USA in some of these guilds,and I am sure you will soon hear on here from some of them.


Good luck with your 14 day trial :)

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I live in the US and I find Europa to be a great shard to RP on, quite a nice group of people. Only problem I had at first is to remember they are about 5 hours ahead of us.. So around mid-day its like five there. Most active times seem to be 3ish till people start to go to bed. Good luck and all!


~Some towns to go to where normally a few people hand around

Trinsic : The west gate normally has a few people there

Vesper : Swaggers Inn; If you go to the Minoc moongate, and run west till you see the road, run down it all the way (Past the Inn) and its the house on the very right bottom.

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I'm a North American who loves playing on Europa. The RP community there is far more developed and immersive than any other shard I know of.


The time difference is tough but there is a small (growing?) community of those on this side of the Atlantic who play in US prime time with insomniac Europeans.


And weekend afternoons are great!

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Welcome to UO Forums Kaila :)


Europa is a great shard for RP'rs. We do have a few roleplaying shards here. Just not as large. I believe Catskills is one. Also less chance of finding players who speak German :-/ . Hope things work out for you.



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Thank ALL for the replies, i am fluent in english, most of the time, i am married to an iowa boy so i'd better be hrhr


my icq is lost to me right now but my nick is Caillean Hinrah just write a pm with who you are..ie. charname (server) icq number and i will add you that is how i minimize my spam, plus i am on invis all the time, i might do a new icq number not sureyet. so write a pm through forum first


That was my german char's name *sniff* had her for three years she was AWESOME!!


i would like to have a guide if possible, cos i used the portals and all i saw was forest.... i know my way around minoc and britain a bit, little bit trinsic


That was my FIRST shard.. they still had the cities my SECOND one

used a blank map and scripted everything new, carriage system, boatsystem, alchemy etc.. was awesome.. then the staff went downhill and i went to US and here i am\


also what are the commands in this game.. still the same?


Follow all, or with just one name..


buy sell ??

cannot buy a pen and script rolls, drives me NUTS


Please help



yeah hock me up with them Germans... hrhr. nice crowd for the most parts.


BONN>> I AM BORN IN BONN, my family still lives in meckenheim 20 min from bonn




three cheers for bonn and all of you





PS i made a char on Europa, sounds more like home for me

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All follow me

All kill

All guard me --- Pet commands worth knowing


Blankscrolls id suggest you buy from the "white" mages at Luna Bank. Go through a portal choose Malas - Luna

Also Pen from them


Bank to open bank.

Withdram (Sum of money) you can remove gold from the bank without opening. just coins.


Vendor buy, Vendor sell , Guards other useful words

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