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  1. What benefits do you get from 120 healing as to 100 healing?, should I drop to 100 and also i have 115 anat should this be droped to 100?. I am just coming back basically from being out for a few years and have fired my fencer back up. His build right now is 120 Fencing 120 Resist 120 Healing 115 Anat 115 Tactics 65 Magery I have points to play with and can drop stuff as well like I was thinking of droping magery and maybe picking up Ninj. I know these temp questions are asked a million times but what im really wondering whats the benefit for 120 healing. Thxs any info would be great a
  2. Hail all! An old UO player here wandering if its worth coming back after a long absence from UO,is there still people playing on oceania or is the popultaion dwindled bigtime.. any replies would be great!
  3. I tried making a few things pieces of jewelry from the new ML gems including white pearl and they seem pretty crappy really. Do they sometimes come out better or is there any way to improve them? Or do people want them just because they're kind of rare? (I hate having resources that I only sell and never use. I think that's a pretty boring way to play the game).
  4. Since Spellweaving is very Mana intense, would adding Focus along with Meditation be beneficial? How much faster would your mana regenerate with GM focus and meditation? I know you can get the right jewelry/armor MR but I'm just wondering if Focus would be better off dropped and something else put in its place. thx
  5. First of all, hi every one! Hope you are all having a good '09 Well I first got a taste of Ultima Online back in 98 when I was 13... I loved the game but due to no money I never carried on playing. I played previous single player UO's and loved them. Since then I have played many MMO's and found my love still lies with 2D games and well I have been searching for about a year now... So I remembered back to this game. I don't really remember much about the game apart from one time I went out with this dude and he killed loads of people and let me in his house which was cool =) What is this
  6. After i saw how people just started to work begging because it is useful I thought it might be fun to add new things for it. I also came up with some lines on why an NPC would give them an Item and not just gold or food and also a way to stop scripters from doing it all day. So my idea For gold and the normal food, clothing items etc that auto pops into your bag. For the better items like left over food, and items they give you to go sell you have to do them a quick favor and go to Illishnar and drop something off or something like that. (That way scripters CANNOT just run a script and rec
  7. I havnt been in game in a regular way in a fair while but i am sure missing Ultima RP! From the looks of the forums here and uo forums things seem very quiet. I know from other boards that many leaders are active, but what about day to day stuff? Is there much going on for the general player or is role play in UO down to a small number of loyal die hards these days? Anything worth opening up those old accounts for? Be honest guys!
  8. Is there any kind of price guide (item gold value) around? I always wonder if i'm getting screwed on buying an arti or if I'm selling stuff. Especially things like old tokens and rewards that I'm selling.
  9. I'm so not hip with what's cool with the cool kids these days... I just got this ring off of a pup. Is it worth anything? FC 3/1 Necro +12 Dex bonus 3 DI 13% I know the FC 3/1 is nice but do the other mods make it anything special? Thx!
  10. First of all I am quite serious about the above question and yes I am aware that I will need to try the game. That set aside I guess what I mean by the question is this...is there enough of a population to keep the game alive? I have been playing WOW for while but am tired of it and wish to move to something else. The only problem is that my graphics card is not going to handle AOC or Warhammer. So I am wondering if UO is a game to consider. Any thoughts would be helpful. THanks!
  11. Hello all - I'm wondering: Aside for the chance at Bushido gains, is there any point to using lightning strike if I'm already at max HCI? Thanks! ~M
  12. 'Scuse my ignorance, but are the Spring cleaning award jewelry pcs. worth the points? I've accumulated enough of the "legacy"(?) dungeon artifacts that I can get the luck jewelry pair. Are they worth it, or should I use the points on something else. I don't have the 500K pts needed for an armor set... I'm not familiar with most of the high end stuff. Thanks!!!
  13. ive posted a few threads on the forums but what i really want to kno is... is it worth my time leveling my char up.. all the hours.. i mean is it still as busy as it was? any one have any idea on how many people actually play on the europa server? what im really worried about is what if i get a good char and theres never any one around?
  14. I'm asking because I collected over 30 of these things by now and am wondering why I use the storage spring cleaning gave me to hoard these things?! So what do you think? Should I really hang on to them or better just keep 2 or 3 for rememberance and put the rest in a bag and drop it at the next bank?
  15. I have seen one complete set on sale for 39 million gold. One set of armor is 600.000 points. These points are on sale for around 75 gold. Which makes an armor set value ~45 million gold. Does anybody buy these?? Are these worth to take? Well all 70 resists with 100 LRC is nice, but my tailor just crafted 100 LRC leather set with average 65 resists and some nice MR, LMC, with a horned runic and some barbed leather. I have 800.000 points to spend, can't decide..
  16. So i have a fell grass area old style keep to sell. Lots of junk inside, decent magic weapons etc that i dont want to sort out. Can anyone tell me what an old style keep in fell goes for these days on the Europa shard please? Edit: Its unblocked and very near ice dungeon fell.
  17. Hi, I didn't know where else to post this meaning here or stratics but I chose this place. I was wondering if it's worth it to resub? I used to rp with Army of the Frontier under Arlin. I loved that part of the game just with the community and random rp. I also liked the other parts of the game but what kept me here was the rp and community. Is it still there? Are the people that used to rp with the Army still playing? Anyone have a 30 day game code laying around so I could try the game again without paying 15 =/ not that much but i remember back when playing people had
  18. I quit UO a few days ago. I just want to get rid of this account. 35 dollars for all this, yes its very cheap. I am not a rares collector, but for a solo PvMer i got lots of stuff i think. I am not gonna post all the stuff i got, just notable items/charskills. 10million gold and 1-2 mill spread out accross all the chars Sampire: 120 swords 120 parry 120 bushido 120 tactics 120 anatomy equipment: - crimson cincture - mace glasses - jackals collar - stormgrip - RBC - shield FC1 12/14 with 9 damage relfect (you can switch parry for healing and use this shield) - leggings of bane - nice
  19. My brother just hit a good IDOC and got the robe and was curious the worth...any info appreciated, thanks!
  20. Kryss, Spell Channelling Hit Stamina Leech 10% Hit Mana Leech 32% Hit Life Leech 30% Faster Casting -1 Damage Increase 42%
  21. Kryss 50 fireball 50 mana leech 50 lower requirement 50 di 15 hci 14 dci 510 durability
  22. I have a regular bow I looted on Atlantic: Hit Lower Defense 40% Hit Lower Attack 42% Luck 80 Hit Chance Increase 12% Damage Increase 39% I know pricing on any weapon looted is completely subjective to the player and their situation but does anyone think I can fetch some decent coin for this bow or should I just keep it for wrecking spawn?
  23. Ring Chivalry +5 Intelligence Bonus 4 Lower Mana Cost 5% Damage Increase 17% Cold resist 6% I actually found it lying around. I have no idea of prices and wondered if it was worth much (if anything). I'm guessing it is a Paladin ring.
  24. I have thinking about putting bushido on my archer but is it worth it. Is the 80 skill points worth lighting strike? Isn't there only 2 spells that I can cast with bushido confince and lighting strike?
  25. Friday: we start talking about dating. Saturday: we have dinner at her mom's house (vegetable lasanga) Sunday: we go to a "sunday social" at a church. She gets out of the car and says "Maybe I will just stop talking to you." Monday: she's practically begging me to date some other girl: Some other Asian girl named T*** who looks just like her and is hopefully a much better person than she is. In between? Five thousand repetitions of the same spiel: "Do you like me? Most people don't." "Will you go out with another girl?" "Will you call me EVERY day?" "Do you like red heads or blonds? Beca
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