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  1. Well its easy enough, im trying to delete a character cause i misspelled the name. I click delete and press ok, nothing happens. Tried waiting over night and pressing delete like 5 times if it had somert to do with like "Press delete and wait 5 hours before confirming"... still the toons still in my list What should i doooo? Thanks Using Enhanced client btw
  2. If you want to post a link to a HD youtube video, all you need is the random letters in the URL bar. For instance, this video I'm posting here has the URL of - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUaTvceVW5Y&feature=channel_page The bit in bold is what you need, then all you do is click the "You HD" button in the editing toolbar (top right) and insert the random letters between the tags, like this [YOUTUBEHD*]hUaTvceVW5Y[/YOUTUBEHD*] (The asterisk (*) was added to prevent the system from formatting the url, it won't show when you click the You HD button)
  3. I play uo through a virtual console and I have not had a single problem with the regular 2d client runs smooth. I decided to give SA a shot as I have been waiting for it. It downloads fine, patched slow but patched nonetheless, but then when I click play I get this message. WARNING! Could not create hardware renderer. Click OK to try software emulation. Please note this will seriously degrade performance. when I do click ok i then get this message and it closes completly Error: Shutting down Could not create game renderer. Please verify that your video card meets the minimum h
  4. Hi, Just built my new "gaming" system and went straight to the Windows 7 Release candidate, which so far I love. My problem is that UO gives an error when started about a sound file, then proceeds to launch in a 640x480 window that is useless. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. 1. chill out. 2. learn to spell. 3. the pixels disappear when you turn off your monitor. 4. no one in the real world cares how many n3wbz u pwnz. 5. ITS A VIDEO GAME.
  6. Like most sane people, I hate skilling up taming. Actually, I've been stuck at 74 Taming for like a month now cause I just can't bring myself to keep working on it. But there are 3 different Tamers I want to try! Ack. The idea of skilling up Taming to even 100 3 times is not something I want to seriously contemplate, so I'm wondering if the following plan would work or make any sense: I will need: -5 Soulstones -Lots of gear (inc. Crystalline Ring, +10/+10 Taming/Lore Jewelry, and at least +15 Disco) -The following unmodified skills, between my Tamer and said Soulstones: -100 Taming
  7. Having abit of a time trying to decide how to fight hiding and stealth on my tamer when it comes to keying some peerless bosses and was wondering will 80 stealth work when keying say getting to teh Grand Mage for the red key in travesty, in helping to key Dreadhorn and also in keying Bedlam and also maybe in doing ish champ spawns..hehe.. the templete Im working on when I add these two skills would be 95 magery 100 med 100 hiding 80 stealth 115 taming 115 lore 115 vet.. may drop med down some once I get a good LRC and mana regen suit and add on to stealth if need be.
  8. I have tried to download it four times now. I tried wiping the patch folder and redownloading. Problem is it will download ok but then the patch cannot be applied. My partner managed to download and apply the patch but cannot play it because there is a problem with the 3d emulator. I am wondering if it could be a hardware problem? we never had any problems before... we mainly play in the 2d client anyway due to instability of the KR client (keeps crashing, flashing items in backpack etc etc..) Does anyone know or have any ideas why it doesn't patch properly? I am a bit dubious about doing
  9. Have you been wondering ,like Trevelyan, just what, when and where ?? Sorry if this has been posted already, but I can't find it anywhere - how does the invasion work? Stages? 3 towns are invaded on Europa - falsehood, cowardice and hatred NPCs in different towns but there is no "invasion" forces - at what stage do they appear? Doesn't exactly help when there is nobody around really to help kill anything, either.. though it is a bit early I guess Plus, what do the townspeople give as loot (if anything) and does the "innocent slaying" have any det
  10. 120 arch 120 focus 120 anat 100 heal 100 tactics 80chiv 80 bushido...will it be competative or am i wasting time? thanks!
  11. So Im making this charecter to really...just tryin something different. Wont pvp at all..just pvm. This is what I am going for.. 120 magery 100 resist 100 eval 100 med 100 Archery 100 chivarly that leaves 100 skills points to use...cant decide between parry/inscript/ or just spreading the points of going 120 in the other skills..like i said the char is for pvm and rp purposes..just lookin to get some input..what does everyone think/suggest...thanks!
  12. I like to play pure mage and think of such a temp 120 mage 120 medi(or 100) 120 eva 120 wrest 120 resist for the last skill i think of poison but since every pvper have 100+ resist i guess its kinda useless w/o a weapon skill what do you guys suggest for the last skill and is it possible to success with pure mage in pvp since the mage spells dont hit that much to cap resists
  13. Alright - I stupidly cleaned out my cookies at work. When I tried to log back in to UOForums, I learned that my evilevil IT department had blocked the login function. The only reason I was able to post all this time from work was I had checked 'remember me' at the login screen. Anyone know how to find the cookie in my temp internet files at home so I can move it to my work system? Otherwise, I'd say my UOForum posting days are numbered. And I will be sad. ~M
  14. ok this used to be working fine till about a few months ago. I opened the 2D macro file went throught it and I can't seem to figure out why it is not working. Here is the relevant part of the macro file, with the greater heal macro above it.(which works) Num 4 0 0 0 +C a s t S p e l l G r e a t e r H e a l +W a i t F o r T a r g +L a s t T a r g e t ######## Num 5 0 0 0 +C a s t S p e l l A r c h C u r e +W a i t F o r T a r g +L a s t T a r g e t ######## I use this macro a lot on my tamer to cure the poison off the pet, and the heal macro to heal. It stopped wor
  15. I've rebuilt my T-hunter and had a tough time finding treasure spots in KR. Sooo...I downloaded and installed UOAM, copied the treasure.map file into my UOAM directory. However, I can't get the spots to show up and I can't get UOAM to track my player like it used to. I know the site isn't maintained anymore, but what else do I have to do? thanks in advance. ~M
  16. Well, this is really, really bugging me, and I´d like to ask for some advice... Maybe a silly question, but... ah, I´ll explain first. I´m an apprentice and we have a couple other apprentices working at my company. It´s a rather small company, but we still have about 20 apprentices all in all. Everything´s been going quite well - doing good, the other people that work there like me and it´s all going quite well... however, there is this one other apprentice who really bugs me. To put it short: She´s not really good looking, but thinks she could be a supermodel if she wanted to. She´s not
  17. I am considering chosing some curtains with my heritage tokens, but I am wondering exactly how they work. I have seen pics of the curtains in many ways- open, closed, dyed one color, dyed two colors, facing both directions. Do I choose one set of curtains and then decide what to do with it?
  18. To all the people in my group that helped with the Pub 54 quest I would like to say a job well done. I was very happy we all worked together and people followed my lead. Hope we all hunt again soon .
  19. I've got an extreme amount of work to get done over the next 1-2 weeks so i probaly won't be that active. So please help to keep the guild active by being active yourselves and hosting events. Thank you
  20. Each part costs 10k. Buy them all or buy them individually. My ICQ is 416063353
  21. Finally trying to turn my red back blue but been years since i had to work off counts. Need some advise on how and where to work them off. Dead or alive ?etc.:icon_eek:
  22. I believe that the highest luck in the party determines the loot drop for the party. Is that correct? Or is it the player with the most damage? Thanks! ~M
  23. So I've just bought UO: 9th Anniversary, installed it all, let the patches download, but it says there's a client error?? What does this mean?? Where do I get a new client?? I've tried un-installing it and re-installing it on several occasions, but it's not helping!! Anyone have any suggestions??
  24. *Letters sent by runners to Kai & Goober* To Squires Kai and Goober; After our discussion at the bridge the other day, I went back home and reviewed what you gave me. But before I go into all that, has the main question of why we are here been answered? I spoke at length with Stewan after we broke up. He is quite knowledgeable for being a baker, must be all that time on his hands as he kneads the dough and waiting for things to rise and bake. As for the quest this is what I came up with for your review and comments: 1. SPIRITYALITY: Find the answer to the riddle there at the sh
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