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Found 18 results

  1. SHE Five Year Birthday!!! SHE Auction House September 19, 2009 In Attendance: DJ KingHen [WRR], Lady Emily Rose, Tigger [sHE], Lady Sundina [VIPs], Demon Slayer [VIPs], Silence [OATH], Niva The Savage [T_T], NANOC [DWxC], Zelda Of Zed [sHE], DJ Aquarius [WRR], Def [WRR], Belle of Zed [sHE], Blood, DJ Landon [WRR], Nezuna [DmG] Silence [OATH], Lord Gareth [KaV], Merel Squirel [RBG], Talon Pheonix [TEB], Lady Knightingale [TEB], Tatanka [OATH], Tyranny, Hush Baby [KFC], Bear [RBG], Droopy [qc], Phoenix [DWxC], Lady Brinna [RBG], CharGar [F*V] Xanthe Eir [RAZE], Punk, A
  2. Last Nights Winners From "Name That Tune" Silvervale City September 12, 2009 By: Lady Darth Oni Another pulsating Lord and Lady Ball with Name the Tune!!! Silence.. listening... brainstorming.. what song is it... First Place and 10 million Gold goes to Nezuna! For the second and third Place we get a duell... Kubla was few seconds faster and get second Place for 5 Million Gold Amon the third Place with 1 Million Gold Thank You all for the great Fun!!!
  3. Name That Tune Winners! Silvervale City August 22, 2009 Our last winner's from "Name that Tune" are: Amon [OkuB] with 10 Million Gold for 1st place Nezuna [DMG] with 5 Million Gold for 2nd place Congratz to the Winners! Thanks to all for coming and make it fun and hope to see u all for next one 12th September 2009, 10 pm est..
  4. After lots of consideration the EM's guest judges awarded their top three garden design choices with an extra special recognition ... 2009 First Place Garden of Distinction awarded to... *Other 2009 Gardens of Distinction* went to ... ...and... ... It was difficult to decide one garden over the other as all the designs are wonderful and they represent the diversity and true spirit of the Sonoma community. The player made gardens will remain 'as is' for public viewing until the area becomes needed again by the powers that be ... the UO 'gods'. Thank you to everyone who he
  5. First of all I'd like to thank you all for taking part, I'd also like to thanks Draconi for the questions and to Chrissay for allocating us 3 beta codes for Stygian Abyss. There were 28 entries in all and most of them scored highly, but none got a full 100%. I decided to allocate a single point to each correct answer and for questions which had more than one answer, a point for each. So the total scoring value possible for the whole competition was 15 points. Unfortunatly there was a tie for second place, as 10 people got the same amount of points (*shakes fist*) So in the interests
  6. Sonoma's Share the Magic Holiday Homes deserve a round of applause as they were certainly filled with the spirit of the Season. We enjoyed viewing the many homes with wonderment over the creative and delightful decorating! Among this years Holiday Homes on TOUR some received a special recognition for the following categories: *Most Creative* goes to Santa's Workshop & Home, owned by Darkstar and located in Malas. Prize of 500K and 1 Heritage token. *Best Display* goes to Santa's Supply Shack, owned by Nyne Won-Won and located in Trammel, Prize of 500K and 1 Heritage to
  7. Redraw 3,033,900 Gold Jackpot Draw Date 20-09-08 Winner None :X
  8. Atlantic Shard Lottery Winners ------------- This past Saturday, The Syndicate[/urkl] held another of its infamous Lottery events. They are free to attend and open to all. 25 prizes were given out to random people from a crowd of more than 80. After the 25 winners were given out, 75 power scrolls were scattered around our Trammel castle over the course of about 15minutes in order to ensure many people had chances to get them. Also a number of powerful items were placed on vendors in the castle for sale for 1 gold. Dozens of people left with prizes. The winners of the 25 prize b
  9. .......... Winner None Nevermind eh? There's a new lottery though
  10. Sahra Swift and Cabe Bedlam Who both share the jackpot of - 129,600 Congrats to ya both.
  11. Below is a link to the announcement on Stratics: http://uo.stratics.com/news/Baja.shtml WildStar Grand Duchess Kingdom of Dawn Baja
  12. The Syndicate held another of its famous Lottery events on Saturday night. Despite one of the six choosing that moment to spawn, we still had a very good turnout with dozens of people showing up for a chance to win a prize. The Lottery events are free to participate in and open to everyone. Gates were provided to and from the event and in the end 25 people took home prize bags. They were: Shadow Walker Aurora Boralis Surj Tankin Kilmer Ambercrombie Moon Star Kinginwar Vermillon Johnny Bravo Poppy Aiella Windsong Crombie (young) Dabombpiny Jabba Stacey Scared Will be Hari Ni
  13. Guest

    And the winners areeee!

    The winners of our contest are as follows First place is Alesha Lancermane Second place is Queen Mum Third place is Mistressmarabeth Many thanks to you all for taking part And congrats! If you could all let me know what shard you want your gold on, I'll get it arranged.
  14. Sonoma Community Holiday Home Decorating Contest After viewing the 15 entries for the Sonoma Holiday Homes Deco Contest, the Whispering Rose Radio judges went to work on their choices. After more than four hours of discussions, 2 cartons of eggnog, and a plateful of christmas cookies they wiped their brows and delivered the following message with a twinkle in their eyes. 'Although all the Holiday Homes deserve a round of applause and are certainly filled with the spirit of the Holidays we could only choose one BEST for these categories: * Spirit of the Season Award* goes to Sant
  15. A big thank you to all who came to see my tournament, there was a big turnout from the spectators atleast and we managed to pull together 4 teams. A big thank you to the participating teams!! Next time I'll try and organize it better so that more time was given to guilds to sort out their teams. Also a big thanks to Kain Twothumb who donated the prizes and helped me spam folks. The winner of the city team battles was the Vesperian Team. The winner of the largest Battle Royale I've ever seen was Demarian Tel'Var from Cove after dueling Hoagie from Cove for a good 10-15 minutes. Once again, th
  16. Spring Holiday Home Contest Winners! The votes have been taken, retaken three more times and we finally came down to 4 choices. It was incredibly hard to choose winners due to the number of amazing entries In total there were 27 entries, so it was bound to be hard work. But without further ado, here are the winners of our contest In first place, Valyssia wins a 180 day gametime code and a spring decor code! In second place, LLewen wins a 90 day gametime code and a spring decor code! In third place, Kimmy wins a 30 day gametime code and 2 spring decor codes! Congrats
  17. Did ya's see this? http://town.uo.com/bnn/article_573.html The heroes being honored for each shard are as follows: Chesapeake: Uxmal Atlantic: Lady Andrasta Catskills: Lord Vallend Siege Perilous: Yasuo Wakayama Legends: Aleah Great Lakes: Ayla Lake Superior: Esmeralda Lake Austin: Jasmine Baja: Lord Maximus Bond Napa Valley: Jayden Sonoma: Lord Tanthalius Pacific: Savara Darkstorm Origin: Mother St Terese Oceania: Lord Quintarias Formosa: White Arirang: Lord Boo Balhae: Lord Cpuenter Europa: Lady Mallory Rayne Drachenfels: Lord Thenon Tomeshk Yamato: Lady Cougar Izumo: Haoumaru Wakoku:
  18. The winners in Sonoma's Unwrap the Magic of the Season Holiday Home Decorating Contest are: * Blue Ribbon Award - Silver Hawk for Christmas Village * This Best of the Best award winner receives a gift box filled with Flowers from the Tokuno Dojo (Artifact Rare 7), Full set of five Mounted Pixie deeds, A Whispering Rose (UO gift of February 2000), Six Soulstone Fragment Tokens, One UO Eighth Ann. Gift Token, a check for 250K, and a rare White Statuette Bust of Shamino, (UO December, 2001 Holiday Gifts). * Gold Ribbon Award - Angelina De Vega for Raven's Path * This award winner receives
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