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  1. As posted on U.Hall Here: Hi, my name is John “Wilki” Wilkinson, and I’ll be your Stygian Abyss Designer this evening. Would you like to start off with a platter of our finest quests, or perhaps a glass of sparkling new content? For those of you who don’t remember, previously I was a Designer for UO, and before that I was the UO Community Coordinator. After a year in the wilderness, I’ve wandered back into the fold, taking the opportunity to come back aboard and join the UO Team working on our new expansion, Stygian Abyss! I was a part of the original Stygian Abyss design team, so it’s ve
  2. Starting this thread Old Man of UO asks If the new SA client (aka KR remake) is ready for testing before all the SA content is ready, is it possible to begin the beat testing on currently available content? Hopefully this would speed up fixes and bug repairs before the final release. There are many modders (and mod users like me!) who would love to get a chance at it. ~~~~~ Taken aback PASmountaindew asked Are you serious dude? I think the Devs have said it is in internal meaning dev and company employee only testing. By the time it is ready for beta test I will be old and g
  3. and Mrs. Wilki !!! :love3: Married on Sunset Beach in Santa Cruz, Ca on July 19 at 5pm, and currently on honeymoon in undisclosed location in Hawaii... :love3: [as reported by Magdalene on UO Stratics]
  4. A while back we had gathered some questions from staff and users, and put together an interview to send to Wilki. Take a look! 1) Did you ever think when you were little you’d be doing this? While I can’t really pinpoint an exact time when I first thought, “When I grow up, I want to make games,” I do remember “designing” my first game when I was 6 or 7 years old and my Dad had an interview with Atari. I used crayons to draw up some level that had something to do with tigers stalking you and you having to figure out a maze in the jungle to get away from them, and he took it to the interv
  5. Jimmy Pop wants to know if there are any plans to add to Wilki's changes Wilki announced BOD changes coming in THIS post. No mention of Runic Saws or Fletcher's Tools? I searched the entire post and a few people asked about it but no answer. Will Runic Saws and Fletcher's Tools have their maximum intensities raised to 100% for each type? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Avenhar made a good point about some runics players may have. would it be possible to change all the runic made weapons too ? i still have valorite made runics that kind of got made worthless, would be nice if they could
  6. It being December 1st today ,he may already of gone,who knows,as the first news of this to reach us was posted in the FOF.
  7. on Stratics Do you see any of these still blessed? Do you see any that have extra large arrow capacities? Thanks everyone! John "Wilki" Wilkinson, UO Designer - Electronic Arts - If you have one of these and cannot access the link above ,I can post it over for you if need be.
  8. A player asks over in Stratics He used to be the savior of UO and as of 3-14, he seems to have disappeared from the boards... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We lost him in the EA/Mythic merger. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He probably got sick of people insulting him. Devs aren't required to post here (much to the surprise of some people who think they are or should be) so he did/does so in his spare time. I started noticing every time he posted he would get insulted or flamed. Not fun for someone who is trying to make UO a better place. It's one thing to disagree with someone. It's another thing to
  9. taken from Thread :- Good by UO. It was a fun 9 years. found in UO.UHall Hail: Well our house in PI is now finished, and we will move later this month. No internet access, so i have to leave. Here are some Pics. uo town On the origin trade form, it is there also, and was put up on e bay last night. To those of you i met and we helped each other, thank you, and good luck. To those of you that i PK back in the day, "well, you should not have been in MY dungeon in the first place". hehe To those i "Bumed Rushed", and stole all the stuff off your boat back in the day, "ThankYou". T
  10. source taken from UO.UHall Here we go guys with 'It wasnt meeeeeeeee posts.' ..tabby Comment I know the blanket ban is a great way to insure you get the dupers but in the process you also eliminate people who have purchased arties 11 without knowing theyare duped. yet because they sold them they get caught in the ban wake. Like the event item and gold check dupes with Manticore and a few others can we be assured the ones who werent dupers be treated equally ? All fairness some people had gold when this happened and bought cheap to sell hi on dif shards resulting in a stock pile of th
  11. Two self-acclaimed Jedi Knights want their faith to be formally recognised. Umada and Yunyun, also known as John Wilkinson and Charlotte Law, want the United Nations to acknowledge Jedi is worthy of being called a religion. It comes after 400 000 people recorded it as their faith in the 2001 Census. They also want Thursday's International Day for Tolerance renamed Interstellar Day of Tolerance. ......... The Article can be found here: UN asked to acknowledge new religion
  12. source taken from UO.Hall Comment I wish I could have said this in the actual thread I'm talking about (but I can see why it had to be locked). I dunno if I'm allowed to link to locked threads, so I guess that's all I have to say. ######################################## never read a better post from a dev here on the boards. since I am not an english native speaker I had to think a while over the phrase "equine puckey" rofl ######################################## It was awesome and so was the post where he apologized publicly to Tia! ##############################
  13. I looked around real quick to see if this was posted here yet, but I didn't see it so here it is. Sorry if it was posted already and i missed it. It's a direct quote from Wilki on stratics addressing the lamers who are posting there griefing that they were wrongfully banned in the past week. Here it is: "No one was banned for buying duped artifacts, unless they did so in mass quantities. We're ultimately responsible for the bug that allowed the dupe to occur in the first place, so it'd be pretty unfair to ban players who unwittingly bought a few artis or other high end items for personal
  14. source taken from UO.UHall Comment Ok about 4-5 days ago i got a 8th age code from one of my guildmates on chessy so that i could get an xfer to go from atl to chessy..i put the code in get my token go to xfer and when i double click the token nothing happens and the token is gone.. i page a gm, he says to log out log back in, so i do and my token is back but when i click the token again i get a message saying there is a xfer in progress alrdy.. well the gm told me that it was counted as a xfer even tho i didn't and i'd have to wait til after server up.. after server up couldn't xfer
  15. source taken from UO.UHall Greetings, YAY !!! You even answered about Evasion, which might make many others happy too. Now, You guy's want to share that Hola Dancer with coconut bra i owe You for extending ToT II or should i wrap myself in cellofan and send me over ??? I assure You I have body enough for two to share !!! All my body are belong to Yuo !!! I don't care what my wife might say about that !!! ############################ Wilki UO Community Coordinator Glad you're enjoying it. I did forget, however, to add in that this was absolutely the last week it'll be ac
  16. source taken from UO.UHall Wilki, I am on Origin and after the publish both of my accts that are 3 or 4 month behind is still 3 or 4 month behind! Nothing has changed for me. I e-mailed you a couple time. I would really like to claim my 84 month and 96 month rewards! Please oh please fix me! Wilki UO Community Coordinator I asked for players to email me with their account names when we were trying to figure out what was going on. If I implied that I'd fix account ages for players who emailed me, I apologize. My account was created 9 years ago yesterday. (Happy Birthday, account
  17. source taken from UO.UHall Comment By "Do It Again", I refer to having to beg, scrape, grovel to get the 9th Anniversary Edition released in Aust and to be eligible for the Early Buy Bonuses. In EVERY other box release since I started playing UO, 65 months ago, we've had to do just that...all the Pre-Order stuff...without making a squillion posts here and harrassing you, we just don't get a look in. As of right now, EA Games(Australia) doesn't have it listed in their catalogue, and nor do any retailers. I already know how pointless it is to ring EA(Aust)...been there, done that with all
  18. source taken from UO.UHall last year you guys sent out a question asking if you guys were to let everyone have a EXTRA house on siege (besides your normal on production shard) would that increase the players on siege. i just wanted to know where we are on this. cause i have a house on siege, but i am having to let it go cause i need more room on my normal shard that i play on. but i LOVE playing on siege.... so i really want to keep my house there. so i have a vested interest in this. i was just wondering if you guys were gonna do this or not. just want to know, cuase i dont wanna
  19. source taken from UO.UHall We have a new Box coming out with 9th anniversary. After a year of posting to Cybernickel's request for your attention to the issue created by your delivery method of the bonus items included in the box (one code insert for ALL items dropped to same character, making them useless on Siege and annoying on other shards.) I am becoming convinced that EA will do nothing to amend the situation created during the sales of 8th Age boxes. COULD you please at least assure us that different methods will be used with the 9th anniversary so we do not get a repeat if we c
  20. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am going to try to be as calm as I can possibly be, at this moment. The treatment I got from the worthless curs known as GM's could likely be grounds for temporary insanity in any murder trial. On the Drachenfels shard, Fel side, right next to the stables, there is a house. It's a modest house, not a palace of any sort. It's the only larger house plot on the island and it's mine. It is outside of guard zone. It is also the meeting and jump off place for the 2 largest guilds on the shard. It is also the rune library for all of those people plus my living q
  21. source taken from UO.UHall on Stratics Players are still trying to get information on 'THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT' postponed recently. Comment ...if it doesn't happen by next Monday, are you going to stick to Inu and the big announcement happening before the end of July? and The big announcement might not occur at the end of the month, although the fiction will continue (is what I thought they said earlier in the month)... could turn out different though. and Umm, no. The next bit of the Inu fiction that revealed the 'big thing' was cancelled the night be
  22. To Wilki: Regarding your post about HaX Seems Wilki's reply about the guild Hax has touched a few sore points as the following comments clearly show. Comment Now for you, Wilki. You said that you don't want any cheaters playing the game. "Period." Why, then, do the account executives at Electronic Arts allow the members of [HaX] to return on new accounts? If you don't like cheaters playing, remove them from the game. You also said "Yeah, sure they exploit." According to Electronic Arts and their policies, exploiting the game in a manner which was not intended for normal gameplay is
  23. This is a response from Wilki taken from Stratics http://uo.stratics.com/news/DeveloperFeedback.shtml </EM>
  24. This thread opened a can of worms we should not be surprised about. full story can be read here at my source Comment My guildleader lost a 26 mil check that was locked down in his house and was replaced with a backpack with 1 gold piece in it. He just got done speaking to a GM about it and was told that numerous people had the same thing happen to them. WTF? This happened on Lake Superior. Just some background on where the check came from. There was a bug that caused vendors to poof and be replaced by their backpack when a house was converted. This was documented by JC the Builder a
  25. From UO Stratics Wilki: Hey, no need to apologize. All of us understand your frustration... remember, this is something that we've created ourselves, poured many hours into and we want to see if finished just as much as you do! Every indication I've gotten over the past few days is that this isn't something to worry about, be patient and all will be well. This UO Team is pretty close: we socialize together, goof off, constantly make jokes and respect each other's abilities. I also trust the people I work with, and I really don't feel that this is going to turn out for the worse. If I t
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