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  1. hi guysjust 1 quick questioni found in my stable in old dragon, i looks like a whyte wyrm (not the true white) a bit with shade.just noticed that he makes not the wyrm sound when giving him commandsIt´s sounds like a normal dragon , Many ppl at luna where confused and toldme that this kind of white dragon only spawned the first day at the beginning of ICEDungeon. And where changed to wyrms after that. i will post its stats laters. any idea if its worth somethink ?thy
  2. Gotta love stories like this. It is about a disabled Afghanistan and Iraq veteran, Sgt. Felix Perez, attending yesterday's World Baseball Championship playoff game between the USA and Puerto Rico. ---------- Red, white and blue, through and through By Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports 4 hours, 20 minutes ago MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The flag traveled around the world and through the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq. Sgt. Felix Perez brought it from home as a reminder and an amulet. The flag never left his Army backpa
  3. At 80 fishing what is the %age chance of fishing up a white pearl?
  4. From Snow White & 7 dwarfs, Which dwarf would you be Bashful,Sneezy,Dopey,Grumpy,Happy,Sleepy,or Doc ? [video=youtube;y8AkKnLMELo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AkKnLMELo&feature=related I would like to think I'm Doc but more Dopey lol
  5. chargar42

    white bell

    Price Check plz. Also Price check on ice white bell.
  6. I am going out of mind! I got myself a lovely steam iron and works wonders except on white cotton/linen shirts or trousers. No matter how much I iron them with steam even spraying on water there are always creases in them! I am guessing in darker clothes with softer material this does not show or is easier to iron. Normally I buy easy iron stuff or cotton interlock garments, but I do have some other cotton stuff and of course my partner has white shirts that have to be ironed! Any tips!!!???
  7. Hi all, I've been away for some years and have recently come back and started a fisher. I've pulled a few white pearls and did some research on them, but have no idea how much they are worth. I've seen 50k numbers from 2005, but that's about it. Anyway, I'd appreciate some advice on what I should do with these things these days as I march ahead toward GM fishing =) I can either bank them for crafting later, or I can sell them to hep my fledgling characters (I just don't know what the going rate is =/) Thanks!
  8. Saturday, June 7, 4 p.m. Pacific ... Three pieces (gloves, arms, legs) of the old white daemon bone armor will be offered at auction. (Due to circumstances beyond our control, the May 31 auction was postponed until June 7.) Each piece reads: Bone <insert armor piece here> Weight: <x> Stones Daemon Bone modifiers, etc. To view the complete consignment list, click here
  9. Before i even start to ask for a price, i would like to wether or not this is a white dwagon. Im not used to KR-client at all, but was told some of the "plain"-stuffies in 2D-client are white in KR
  10. So... anyone want to sell me one? I will pay good money... :eusa_pray: Like millions!
  11. weight of 90 stones. Is there a way to know if the deed is holding any gold, or is it's value based on they are no longer available? Thanks in advance!
  12. Any idea what this would go for?
  13. all items on baja... goblet is in a box 255 stones. thx in advance
  14. Pure White Wooden Chests..icq me your price, need up to 20, but will take any amount you have for sale thanks!!! ICQ#154210960 thanks!
  15. Which is the cheapest way to get white hair including beard? Many thanks.
  16. The White Wyrm is probably one of my favorite creatures in all of UO. To see it's revision in Kingdom Reborn is a huge disappointment to me. It looks like they took the wyrm part of the name too seriously. Also what is with the horns? It isn't a demon. I think it is a fine looking creature, it just isn't a White Wyrm.
  17. I see some white and black seeds for sale in shops on Lake Superior, I thought these colors were mutants and produced no seeds? Are these a scam or fakes? Opinions?
  18. I asked Jeremy the following question.. To which she replied with
  19. Anyone know if those old style savage masks still spawn? Not the modern ones you get as loot of savages, but the white triangle types. The ones without magical properties. Anyone have some stashed away they want to sell to me? I really need some if anyone can help it would be great.
  20. During the Valentine gifts I receieved one white card on one of my 10 chars when all the rest were red. Has anyone else received a white card? I just wondered if it would be worth anything at all so I make sure I don't lose it.
  21. http://www.whitefolksinindia.com/ Pictures of my brother and his wedding this summer, taken ages to come out, enjoy!
  22. Anyone know how rare these are or if their worth any money?
  23. How much do these go for? I have twenty of them.
  24. What is a Bright White Hair Dye worth??? Same colour as Staff of the Magi. Pulled it of a Lady Melisade about 3 weeks ago and not decided what I want for it. I got this purply/green one as well, another rare hair dye. What's that one worth????
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