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  1. How do i add scripts to my uo wedding? I've forgotten how!
  2. As the guildmistress of SAGE, I am excited to announce the engagement of two of our finest members, Lady Kala and Lord Tamerjoe The two announced their engagement at the RP Alliance Tavern night last Wednesday and it sounds like the wedding bells will be ringing in November. Congratulations from us all in SAGE!
  3. There has been a problem with the powers that be for Tuesday, so the wedding is being moved back one (1) day. Wednesday evening at 7:30 PST the happy couple will be wed.
  4. Wedding Explosions Sound Luna Fair Grounds August 28, 2009 Bride and Groom: Jazz & Lord Drakemore Wedding Party: Lady ThaiRoses [RBG], Darth Oni [soVs], Daria Blackmoore [RBG], Bear [RBG], Maximillion [RBG], Priest: Em Vladimere In Attendance: Lord Angus [RBG], Rod Marlin [RBG], Lord Buffas Vale [RBG], Niva The Savage [RBG], Logan Blackmoore [RBG], Shyla [RBG], Labbat Blue [RBG], Maximillion [RBG], Ryo-Ohki [RBG], Vran [DWxC], Virem [RBG], Gregarius Phlight, Morpheus Mardox [uOSS], Lord Loki [RBG], Phoenix [DWxC], John Duke [Pax], Jarod Weber [DWxC], Lord
  5. An Invite to the Realm Citizens of the realm, join us in the celebration of love between Lord Drakemoore and Lady Jazz set to take place inside the blazen tent in the newly constructed Chesapeake Fairgrounds. At the six o'clock hour of Fridays Eve (est) August 28th, 2009 the two will be wed as one in holy matrimony by the ordained EM Vladmiere. Join us for the ceremony and celebration there after along the fairgrounds. Food and spirits as well as games will be available for all to play as the two begin their life together.
  6. As promised I have been keeping a close eye on the happenings around Eldador. Mar Scyth and Joy have been scurrying around trying to get everything perfect for the big day and it looks like it will soon arrive. The happy couple plan to tie the knot on Tuesday, September 15th at 7pm PST. The ceremony will start with a few drinks at the ElF Tavern at 6pm PST then move to Eldamar at 6:45pm. After the Ceremony, everyone will move to the first floor of Eldamar for the reception. So, bring all your friends, and lets have a wonderful time during this happy occasion!!
  7. Last week there was a call put out for all Alliance members in the RP Alliance to gather at the ElF Tavern in Eldador by Mar Scyth of ElF. There was no reason given other than he was going to make a big announcement. Members from SAGE, ElF, RSB, and Q*E including, Lord Larson, Robin of Moxy, Lady Luna Rossa, and the Queen of the Elves, Joy attended along with other members of the guilds. Ale and Cider was passed out, especially to Robin of Moxy (RSB) and much whispering was going on about why they were called together. Shortly after the meeting was gathered, Mar Scyth of ElF called for everyon
  8. So breezing thru the news and saw this article and clicked to watch. I thought it was awesome. WHat's your opinion on this latest trend? <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-94JhLEiN0&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&hl=en&feature=player_embedded&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-94JhLEiN0&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&hl=en&
  9. If a player wants to have their wedding on the Chesapeake shard and have the EM perform the ceremony who and how would they contact the EM? *cookie hugs*
  10. On Tuesday the 21st of April, our very own militia members Amantala and Roland of Gilead will be embarking on the sacred journey of marriage. More info to follow soon
  11. Reported by AirmidCecht 1st Wedding held on LS with New EMs! With congratulations to Leeda and Ironhorse, I wanted to say the EM sponsored wedding tonight was well done with everyone in attendance so respectful. It was held on Marble Island in the temple with decorations done by Fred and catering done by Kariny. This is not a shard specific post. It is an example of what can still be had in our communities when those in attendance are as wonderful as those hosting an event. Thanks to EM Quantum, Lord Ironhorse and Lady Leeda for a wonderful time. Now I am
  12. I got a laugh out of this. I can't decide if this is photoshopped or not. edit: judging from the dogs position in relation to the man, I'm thinking it is photoshopped. Still, a decent job of it
  13. In the first version of the publish notes for either pub 52 or 53 there was mention of new wedding content. It included wedding rings and licenses. Unfortunately, these things were never put into the publish and they were taken out of the notes. I emailed Jeremy asking if this was ever going to be added but I think she was on vacation at the time so I never got a reply. Recently, I was told they talked about wedding content at the last town hall. Does anyone know when we’re getting it or have any info about it? My bf and I have been waiting to get married since I saw the mention in the publ
  14. In nearly 2 weeks Amatala is going to be having an in game wedding, Some may not know her but she is a good friend of mine, a member of -V-, Manager of Three's a Crowd shop and an ex member of Europa Auction and Events. Anyway the lovely gal has asked if -V- would be the ushers at her wedding and hopefully if VTC would cater for it, i said we would usher and have yet to find out if VTC will cater, hopefully they will . Anyone available on the day please attend and join in on the festivities. A time is still yet to be sorted but i will update this thread as soon as i heard word. When? Mond
  15. Thirteen years ago to the day, Mrs Solid and myself tied the knot. We met two years previously and began living together almost straight away. She has given me the best son and daughter any man could ever wish for and always works very hard around the home and holds a part-time job too. To Mrs Solid; The last fifteen years have been wonderful together- weve had to put up with alot during those years but now everything is settled and and I sincerely hope we have many, many more wonderful years together :<3:<3:<3 Heres a photo of us (bottom of page) on our honeymoon
  16. A series of wedding photographs taken moments after an earthquake struck China's Sichuan province on 12 May have been released. The century-old seminary in Pengzhou was destroyed in the quake. Five newly wed couples were posing for the camera in a deserted Catholic seminary in Pengzhou when the quake struck. Pengzhou is about 15 miles (25km) from the provincial capital Chengdu.
  17. Listen to Whispering Rose Radio for details. Gates to be provided. Wedding and Reception at Lady Darth Oni’s Wonderous House in Silvervale 6:30 pm Pacific 9:30 pm Eastern
  18. Digger McTaggart posts a pertinent question ,that I know many of us are awaiting clearer answers to. Ok, this subject has come up often enough over the years...and it has been raised yet again on my home forum Oceania in this thread entitled: Don't worry even the "best" of us do it. Now obviously the initial post was a troll, aimed at people that use UO Wedding to play speech only macros at In-Game Weddings, Auctions, Player-run events and such, and making an attempt to liken the use of these apps to the use of other well known but not to be named or discussed "scripting" programs that w
  19. It read: Our thoughts are with you In this time of sorrow We hope it helps in some small way to know that others care... May time and cherished memories help you through the grief. With deepest Sympathy for your Wedding Anniversary for marrying my daughter. Love (and has all my familys names) ----------------------------------------- *sigh* LOL! I am not that bad! Voradan just found this card funny as heck! I just gave him to evil eye =P -RMS Carpathia-
  20. ... and some thought it wouldn't last Congratulations from your UO family
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