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  1. The Catskills EM's can be reached at http://catskills.uoem.net/ All events will be posted here, I suggest if you are interested that you check it regularly, or sign up to the RSS feed.
  2. They recently "revamped" their website, to this.... https://www.bethere.co.uk/web/beportal/homepage So far, people who are Be customers have voted on the following poll Should be remove the new disgusting website and replace it with the old one? Yes: 98% [ 557 ] No 1% [ 11 ] =)
  3. Here is the website for the Pacific EMs: http://pacific.uoem.net/
  4. From a book at the Counsellors' Hall north Britain: The Europa EM Web Portal
  5. Okay, so we all know I have the Castles and Courtyards site in a directory on my site. Personally, I find having deco.girlgamer.net/etcetcetc....a bit of a pain for working with for memory wise. Since I have good hosting and reasonable spare cash to register a new domain and can move stuff without a huge headache, i'm considering creating a new, easier to remember domain for A Decorator's Guide Site. Problem is, I suck at names. And I'd like to get the new site running prior to my next contest. That being said, anyone have suggestions? One suggestion I Had before was to go wtih the ini
  6. Im really getting into the crafting side of UO. I'm about to start my own bod guild with a few other friends and were just mining and boding like crazy right now, and wondering. If I set up a forums just for trading bods ect. what do you think the popularity of it would be. I noticed bods are somewhat popular. Just give me your 2 cents, thanks
  7. http://www.bricities.com/tuo/ not a spectacular piece of web engineering, but it gives EM rares for each shard and tells how many were released. It links to several other great sites too. Thought I'd share this
  8. I am running into problems. I've created a free trial account a while back (thanks for the heads up at that time!), but unfortunately due to RL things going on (new job, moved home) I haven't been able to spend much time in UO and hence the free trial went down the drain, I am afraid. I'd like to give another serious shot at UO, but the registration webpage gives me a headache. If I login with my UO account it tells me that the account name is not known by the system. Note that I CAN login to my account management page without problems with that name!! Ok no problem, I thought, maybe I ne
  9. JCthebuilder pointed this out on stratics http://www.uoam.net/
  10. I discovered some time ago that I had a backup of the old LB website still out there. You can find it here: http://timsplace.org/~ato/lb/backup/ Hope it is of interest to a few of you.
  11. Halloween Event Joanne Laroche 20 Nov 2008 17:42:27 You may of noticed that the Halloween Event is still going on and it's not quite Halloween anymore. We wanted to let you know that we have corrected an issue that would allow it to restart. We've got a fix going in with the Friday morning maintenance that will fix this.
  12. Only taken them...2 years? But I notice tonight that UO has been added to their main site, as well as their "Games" section http://www.mythicentertainment.com/ Nice gesture indeed.
  13. Is anyone else having problems loading Godaddy's website since it got "revamped"? Using Firefox, even with a cleared cache, I get http://www.godaddy.com Connection Interrupted The document contains no data. The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again. So I got around it by using IE, but now even that won't load the page either lol Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
  14. As most know or I should say saw the email from Kevin concerning the HC website needing to be moved. I spoke with Leeda earlier today about possibly moving the site to my own business site. I thought I would present it to the HC members. It being moved to my servers, I would be the one to do the up keep on the site. I received an ICQ from Wysteria today concerning the site today. She had asked whom she would speak to about aquiring a domain name for HC, with out having to go through discussion. I told her it would be a matter that needed to be discussed among the group. She also has offere
  15. Just wanted to apologize for my absence of late, been busy getting my new website up and running. Basically it consolidates youtube videos for Conan, runs continuous news feeds for Conan and has links for sites that sell gamecards and such. I'm new to the whole web design business so check it out and let me know what you think Age of Conan Today - Age of Conan news, auctions, videos, and more?
  16. Dareth

    Rares website

    anyone know of a good website for uo rares...? with some descriptions of how they come about would be a bonus.but not necessary...Thanks!!
  17. Today I had an idea for a new UO website and unfortunate for me the domain I thought of was not taken. So within 15 minutes I had it registered and suppose I'm now committed to trying it out. At the moment there are many different places where UO news comes from. Off the top of my head there is UO.com, UO Stratics, UO Stratics Forum, UOForums, UOGuide and of course from within UO itself. There is no one place where you can go to get all UO news neatly organized and easily accessible. Thus the UO News Network (UONN) is born. The site will syndicated all types of UO news from patch note anno
  18. Hail all! I'm not sure if this is a good tech question or not. I am wanting to make a website for my guild. I've never created a website before and if I remember right there was a microsoft program you can buy that walks you through everything. Only part I know about websites is that is would cost to get a domain. I'm wanting to create a website where you enter and it plays a song of choice and then has the tabs and everything etc is there for easy navigation. I dunno...this is more of a fun project than anything hehe. I've always wanted to design my own website. Thanks and sorry for t
  19. OK here is the bare bones of the site will i get home and upload the images, videos, and content. Tell me what you think of it so far. I am going to try and do some editing of some pictures so it looks like a legion behind my messages, and on the left side a slide show of the pictures that go with the message (Or will be a Video.)
  20. I haven't thought much on it, or what I'll be offering, but I was just wondering if there's any interest from you guys on it? Major bonus of hosting here, as opposed to a shared host elsewhere, is obviously the server is hardly used and has tons of resources to hand.
  21. This needs a re-vamp asap; More recent pictures posting etc. I can write a few articles if need be.
  22. I've posted about my blog before, about six months ago. This is just an extension of that. I've learned some things from making UO Thief, I still don't know that much html and it's still really simple. But I went ahead and purchased another URL: www.2medschool.com It's not done yet. I have some plans for the MCAT section (that will also help me study while I do it). But there ya go. For anyone else interested in medical school or has any sons, daughters, nieces, or nephews thinking about doing the same.
  23. Web designers making very old mistakes are letting malicious hackers hijack visitors to their sites, say experts. Many of the loopholes left in the code created for websites have been known about for almost a decade say the security researchers. The poor practices are proving very attractive to hi-tech criminals looking for a ready source of victims. According to Symantec the number of sites vulnerable in this way almost doubled during the last half of 2007. Full story here
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