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  1. Is there a reference that you can look at to see what the maximum mods (such as HLL and HML) are on a weapon? Like for a Kryss, I'm pretty sure it's 50%.
  2. This recent post got a response from Draconi, Good bye archery amirite? Weapon Hands Primary Attack Secondary Attack Boomerang 1 Concussion Blow Dismount Cyclone 1 Paralyzing Blow Mortal Strike Soul Glaive 1 Armor Ignore Moving Shot so if anyone else was wondering I would expect an update to the site again in the near future for the skills. We've been working out important revisions to Throwing and Imbuing within the closed beta test, and a major Throwing update is currently in testing that involves two new special moves, balancing the other ones assigned to th
  3. With all the good info going around about items lately, I was wondering if some knowledgeable person could discuss how mage weapons are used and what makes for a valuable mage weapon. I know that the wielder's Magery skill counts as the weapon skill when using a MW, and that the penalty given is applied both to hitting & being hit (a la a normal weapon skill), as well as to the wielder's ability to cast spells. But what specifically makes a valuable mage weapon? I see them up for sale on the stratics boards all the time for many millions, and I very rarely understand exactly why that pa
  4. This type is listed in numerous places, and so I'm guessing they must have dropped at one point, but do they still? Of the 1000+ slayer items I've had drop from hunting since I came back to UO a couple of months ago, I have *never* gotten a daemon slayer piece. I've never gotten a Demon Slayer, either, but I figure that one's just rare since it's a super slayer.
  5. CAUTION - Do Not Delete Legendary Weapons! We're receiving a high volume of tickets from players that have mistakenly deleted their Legendary Weapons. We urge all players to take extra care when managing their items, particularly when dragging over from an inventory bag to your character screen where items can be dropped. A confirmation message will always appear asking if you are sure you want to destroy any items that you drop into the window, please make sure you read the message and click cancel if you do not want to
  6. Anyone find any legendary weapons? If so, what did you get?
  7. Looks like people are throwing around the idea of Duel Wielding weapons lately. Here's a quote from Jeremey from a Stratics thread: I like the idea of a Barbarian class. What are the qualities of Barbarians, you ask? The ability to use many types of weapons. Duel Wielding should require two different weapon skills. You shouldn't be able to wield 2 swords, 2 maces, or 2 fencing weapons at once. You should be forced to (and the game should check) your skill in 2 of the 3 fighting skills: Swords, Fencing, Mace Fighting. You'd get many bonuses, but you'd have to give up potentially
  8. Hello, how are you? Today, we have "Japanese FoF:Q&As at the end of the month" on Japanese official site. There is a very interesting information about Mace fighting Weapons: - Following mace fighting weapons have damage bonus to durability of armors and lower stamina of targets both in PvP and PvM: - Mace - War Mace - War Hammer - War Axe - Hammer Pick - Club - Maul - Tessen - Tetsubo - Nunchaku - Diamond Mace - Following staffs lower stamina of targets: - Black Staff - Quarter Staff - Gnarled Staff - Shepherd's Crook - Wild Staff
  9. Merc

    Mages with weapons

    Why does around 90% of the red mages run around with weapons in there hands. Not sure if they are - mage weapons or not. But the better ones I have seen use a scimitar. Is there something I am missing?
  10. hi, just finished making the core of my bushido/chiv archer. i want to take him to do doom and some champ spawns. does anyone have good advise as to what type of bows i will need to pick up in order for him to be most effective. thanks.
  11. Does equiping a mage weapon with -magery skill help you to gain magery more easily? I have tried it but i didn't gain anything while I had it equipped. Has this been changed recently?
  12. 100% Poison Weapons - Kryss Lance Pickaxe Swords - Righteous Anger Raed's Glory Soul Seeker Daggers - Night's Kiss Misc - Pixie Swatter (110 Tailoring Scroll) (A number of Rings and Bracelets - PM for more info) PM or reply with offers, thanks.
  13. Atom bombs are just the beginning. In the last half-century, the greatest military minds on Earth have developed an arsenal of weapons to make mutually assured destruction seem tame. Whether these masterpieces of destruction come from miles above Earth or millimeters below the skin, they have one thing in common: they're spooky as hell. Can turning animals into cyborgs ever end well? Should lasers really be strapped to planes? Is dispersing humans with the worst smell ever created a better alternative to doing it by burning their skin? You be the judge. Launch our gallery of the world's spoo
  14. Some of the artifacts in Doom considered uber weapons? I know they're almost impossible to get, but just had questions they would be best put to use. Like the two very rare Titan's Hammer and Zyronic Claw or something. What type of warriors would be best suited to use these? Or are there better weapons and stuff? I know these are best Doom items, but I don't know "overall". Someone told me that the Claw has a high mana leech, but if a warrior with low mana uses that, isn't that pretty pointless?
  15. am at 80 swords...how do i use the special moves?
  16. hello all! id decided to create a pvp character as soon as my taming gets GMed and i would like a good template for a wrestling/monk type character.
  17. All orders taken.. Most Orders Filled! If you have any Smithing requirements then please let me know either here or send me a fat bird on 54-912-907 Completed Orders will be placed in the Chest outside the Armoury when ready. Repairs can be left in a marked bag in the chest and will be carried out within 24 hours. Only guild members can access the chest.. Abuse the system and you`ll lose it. The Lynx Corporation "We are the cats bollocks"
  18. 1) repeater 30 ssi 46 fireball 50 hld 50 hla 10 di 5 hci 22 life leech ---starting bid=2 mil 2) magical shortbow Sc-1 40 fireball 40 ssi 50 di 48 stamina leech ---starting bid=2 mil ***All weapons have 100% physical damage. Rules of bidding *Bids below the starting bid will not be considered. *Please bid at least 100k more than the previous bid. Bids that are not 100k more than the previous bid will not be accepted. *Bids must be posted in this thread. *I will not sell to any koc, fyi to koc
  19. Character Transfer Token 12mil Ring HCI 13 DCI12 FC1 DI 24 Ring INT BONUS 8 EP 25% HCI 15 FCR 2 Radiant Scimitar HIT HARM 42 HML 42 DCI 12 SSI 25 DI 41 Leafblade SC -1 HIT LIGHTNING 40 HLD 44 HLL 52 LUCK 76 Diamond Mace HIT LIGHTNING 40 HLA 40 DCI 13 SSI 25
  20. I Finally Got My Smith To 120 Using The Skill Guide Here(thanks Everyone) But I Have Never Enchansed Weapons Does Anyone Know What I Need To Do Like Hammer Type Ingot Type Which Is The Best Route
  21. I decided to make a warrior type character and was wondering if damage from slayer weapons puts 100% towards the 300% DI cap, or if it is calculated seperately. The character I'm going for is going to be more or less: Swords 110 (eventually 120) Tactics 110 Parry 110 Bushido 110 Chivalry 80 Focus 100 *Anatomy or Magic resist 110 *Trying to decide between the two based on the question above. This character is going to be strictly PVM for now, and while anatomy is a pretty nice sized chunk of damage, I figure it will sort of get cut off while combined with EoO, Perfection, DI on weapons/e
  22. source posted [07/15/07] on UO Stygian Abyss It seems like Macers always get the short end of the stick when it comes to adding new weapons, compared to Swords or Fencing. What about adding morning stars or whips for us macers? (I think morning stars would be sweet.) Thanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maybe but the diamond mace is one of the best weapons in the game if you have the right mods on it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ True, the diamond mace is good, but I'd really like something unique for this skill. The morning star was a standard weapon for the time and would fit in the ga
  23. Urghhhh 190,000 weapons 'missing in Iraq' AK-47 assault rifles might have ended up in insurgents' hands The US military cannot account for 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols given to the Iraqi security forces, an official US report says. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says the Pentagon cannot track about 30% of the weapons distributed in Iraq over the past three years. The Pentagon did not dispu
  24. so what does it mean if i loot an item that is blue or purple?
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