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Found 20 results

  1. 1998 - The Crown of Thorns Vesper vs. The Kingdom of Britannia (Royalists) Vesper originally existed under the protection of the Kingdom's forces, but was technically not a part of it - ruled by so-called Justicars who (aside from being native Vesparians) monopolised much of the cities' economic and political affairs. The war in a sense began with the Justicar's refusing to sign the Treaty of Unification, an agreement which would have made it an official part of the Kingdom. The Kingdom's response was to launch a full scale invasion and brutal subjugation of the city, which in turn resulted
  2. Community spawn, Despise. 24th. 9PM EST. Meet in New Haven at 8:30PM EST. Thank you! Hum, missing the Portuguese Flag down there.. so... And so I dont discriminate here is the Canadian Flag too... =) [video=youtube;DdbLEKaO7uo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdbLEKaO7uo&feature=player_embedded
  3. Greetings... I would like to invite the Community to join us in Despise... Thursday, 8:30 PM EST... We will run some Community Spawns... usually it takes less than four minutes to finish it. You are invited to: - Spawn - Defend - Hang around If we're raided... then I guess we double the fun. Suggestions: - you keep what you get, bring your own protector if you wish. - snooping will prolly get you killed. - bringing reds might not be wise. - bringing non-tb factions might not be wise. - if you want to avoid pvp, stay at the Island. Goal: - learn to spawn and defend - do all
  4. Dear Covians, as you are more then aware, Cove and Vesper has been at war for some time, however untill now citizens have remained unharmed and trade still prospered between the local tavern in Vesper, The Swaggers and our own beloved Goblin. I have however some grave news this day, this special friendship which has seen Covians and Vesperians alike able to drink after battles are at a bitter end. You might have heard of the attack upon our beloved tavern, you might have heard of the bombs being set up around the tavern too, how people who mean no harm are impaled with nails from these compli
  5. ok, I know it's just a silly facebook game but I'm addicted to Mob wars and wanted to know if I'm the only one. I also was hoping I could recruit for a big bank heist I need to make my gang bigger.
  6. [video=youtube;UkTQwP2gFxU]
  7. A tad worn but still good. (The comic book shop guy wouldn't buy them, but you can.) #3, 11, 21, 68, 107.
  8. Four collectible covers plus extra CD-ROM with mostly pictures but also some trailers and a look at how old & fat George Lucas has gotten.
  9. Border wars is the campaign currently being played out by Grd, LB, CSB against Vesper and Cove. All the latest info and news on this can be found at : The Border Wars - MoongatesWiki
  10. Does anyone remember the FRED-BOB wars? Where we'd make new chars..and either join the Fred guild.or the Bob..and go out of town in Brit..usually the Graveyard..and try to kill each other?? I'd LOVE to do that again!! That was GREAT fun..lol
  11. How to determine YOUR Star Wars name: Your New First Name: 1. Take the first 3 letters of your 1st name. 2. Add the first 2 letters of your last name. Your New Last Name: 3. Take the first 2 letters of your Mom's maiden name. 4. Add the first 3 letters of the city you were born in. Your Star Wars Honorific Title: 1: Take the last three letters of your last name and reverse them 2: Add the first three letters of the make or model of your first car 3: Insert the word "of" 4: Tack on the name of the last medication you took. So I am Laush Basan, Ohsnis of Clarinex.
  12. Presented by Army of The Dragon Guild (ATD), City of Dragons Watch, PaxLair Statehood Location: Jhelom Dueling Pits - Trammel - Chesapeake Time: Start 9pm eastern GM made golems will be provided to those in need. The last golem standing receives a 500k check. Folks can bring their own golem also. Any question ICQ 3568927
  13. Winterland is up and running, and more and more activities are coming online every day. New Year's Eve will be marked by massive fireworks celebrations in West Britain, using both KR and 2D effects. Join the fun! A countdown will begin an hour before midnight. Here's what's happening right now: * Britain decorated for the season! Snow, party favors, and more! * Paint stations: Use any hue from 0 to 2000 * Pet Bonding and Spellweaving Gates * Giant Holiday Tree: The decorations keep piling up! * Wishlist: Leave three wishes behind as a memory of the shard. (Some, especially the selfless on
  14. Started playing this last week and have to say I am having a great time. I wrote a acticle about my experiences as a new player and posted some pics on our wow site. I know evil of me huh. hehe Article
  15. Guest

    Squirrel Wars

    Just thought it was funny.
  16. [video=youtube;yH8b5ruc_-E] "]
  17. Anything a newbie should know? I'm about to install it and read over the manual, looks like the keyboard has a lot of hot keys to learn. I hope I can talk in this game haha!
  18. May the Forth be with you
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