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  1. Hey everyone! Check out Ultima-Gallery.com & the Christmas art contest! 3 Lucky winners will get the choice of a signed virtue card from the Ultima Forever Virtue card deck! For more details check out Ultima Gallery Blog I hope to see some nice pieces of art! Thanks everyone Rupert Avery!
  2. Pilgrimage to the Virtues A contemporary report of the well-walked path through the ages By Gerrick Adarastos Part I: Introduction and Honour As many have done before me, I donned the pilgrim robe and hood on a quest to contemplate on the Virtues set by Lord British. Taking with me modest supplies of food, bandages, drinkable water, parchments, pen and ink and a copy of the Virtues, I began my long and perilous journey to visit all 8 shrines erected to honor them. As the reader knows Lord British placed first the three principles, Truth, Love and Courage from which either directl
  3. When: Yesterday eve at 8pm Bst Where: We sent forth from the fort to Sacrifice Ishnelar NW to the Mines Who: Sir Taggart, Abigail, and Duncan Briefing: We fought Rodents, Earth Elementals, Renegades, Skelton Knights and a Undead Skelton Dragon. Council: The council of Gendin and Sir Cody were certain that the Sketon Dragon and its minions could not be allowed to remain alive to prey upon the innocent and thus had to be destroyed. Such is our mandate. Many times were we rendered bloody and wounded, and were sometimes discouraged until the other brother or sister would charge back into the
  4. From the Crispy Gamer Richard Garriott, who is now spending more time thinking about space travel than virtual worlds, was kind enough to spend some time talking with us about the darker side of the Ultima series of role-playing games. This interview is a companion piece to The Black Gate Murders, an alternate playthrough of Ultima VII: The Black Gate that involves killing everyone in the game. Complete article
  5. Announcement found at the Luna Fairgrounds this day...
  6. If I could change something on UO? It would be the Virtues system!!! Escorting a person is not compassion, it just being helpful, besides they are paying you to do it! If I could change it, here is how it would work if I were King!!! HONOR: Basically I would leave it alone except that you could do it to any monster, NPC, or player. The lower the level, the lower the honor gained. The higher the level, the higher the gained. So if you can kill a Dragon (or harder Monster or like that) on your own in one to one combat that should give you a gem! Remember to get to Knight of Honor you w
  7. For those not familiar with them, an explanation can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtues_of_Ultima#The_Gargoyle_Virtues So my question is, will Gargoyle Virtues play any role with SA or any live content that comes after SA is released?
  8. In this thread, we will discuss the currently active virtues. Everything from gaining in the virtue to using it's benefits. The first one is by Ally, Honor.
  9. Hawk’s Quest Volume 8 We set sail west, the winds are fair and the sea is a bit choppy. After looking at the map and taking several sextant readings, we figure that we should make landfall by late afternoon. By what ever power that be or sheer luck, we have made landfall and are just a few steps from the shrine, (looks to the heavens and gives thanks). There are a lot of giant snakes here. I had to clear them out before anything could be done at the shrine. Within the shrine is a sword, is seems to be held in place by a magical power. The engraving on the sword shows it to be a singin
  10. Hawk’s Quest Volume 7 We set sail out of Moonglow with a heading to the south. About four hours out of Moonglow, my tiller man reports another sail to the south. I order him to ensure that we pass with proper clearance as not wanting to evoke a sea battle with another ship. The tiller man complies and makes the proper corrections. Within two hours are two ships pass one another, theirs heading north and to the west of us almost out of visual range, and us heading south to the east of them. As we pass I can just make out their tiller man and the movement of at least three others on boar
  11. Hawk’s Quest Volume 6 I knew I had to go to sea upon receiving this quest, so I had made arrangements to have a ship standing by near Vesper, just to the East. I bought the boat outright; it did not dawn on me until now to ask the Duke if the Duchy had a navy? If not, it does now! The HRH (His Royal Highness) Trinsic Sea. The tiller man seems to be an honest and well-trained sort. With only a small navigation issues at the start and learning the ways of seafaring, we made it to the Island with the Shrine of Honesty. My tiller man has shown me how to use the map and sextant better then
  12. Hawk’s Quest Volume 5 I head north, towards Trinsic, cutting west a bit. It takes me two days to reach the woods outside of Britain. It been uneventful, I use my time to think and write in my journal. I turn Northeast which will put me North of Cove and then Vesper. The days and night for the most part have been peaceful, except for the monsters that cannot leave anyone in peace. Sadly I had to put them down in order to save myself. I did have a night that was a bit unsettling. I was awoken by noise coming towards my encampment; I was set upon 5 brigands wanting my armor, weapons, gol
  13. Hawk’s Quest Volume 4 I head south towards the Great city of Trinsic. I cut though the woods to the South of the West Gate. I can tell there are my friends from the city guard on duty, but from this distance I cannot tell which one’s. The trail gets harder to follow. I stop now and then to take readings from my sextant. Bad terrain and nasty critters is making this the hardest leg of the trip so far! After a day and a half a hacking my way across the jungle, I have found the shrine! I had to combat several giant snakes and other creatures before I could approach the shrine itself. O
  14. Hawk’s Quest Volume 3 As the dawn breaks, I’m already on the road heading south. I must round the great mountains to my East. It will take me a day or two to reach the shrine. Again I see all manner of beasts and a beautiful expanse of great lands, trees, and flowers. This I have taken for granted over the years. I still at a loss for the lack of others, during this travel, I have only seen one other, and they avoided me. I guess I don’t blame them with all this armor on! I have made camp East of Skara Brae and shall set out at daybreak. I check my trusty sextant and set my course.
  15. Hawk’s Quest Volume 2 I still had plenty of daylight left, so I headed West-Northwest toward my next goal the Shrine of Justice. As I travel, I notice the absence of others. Neither humans nor Elf’s. The woods are full of other creatures that wander around in search of food. I am left alone for the most part; only once in a while I am attacked. I have found the Shrine of Justice. My sextant shows its location as 87 5’N, 1 37”W. It’s a cold dark gray building with no roof, I guess to show the justice has nothing to hide! Out in front flanking the entry are four pillars, two per side,
  16. The following are the notes of Michael Hawk, Firsy Order Squire of the Duchy of Trinsic. Who was sent a quest as you well read. There will be eight parts, one for each of the Virtues. Read and enjoy Hawk’s Quest Volume 1 I was called upon by Eric Bordaxe of Britain, Senior Paladin, to undertake a Quest. I was to wander the lands by foot or boat, visiting the eight Shrines of Britannia. Upon arrival at each, I was to contemplate that virtue and what it meant to me in my life as a Knight. I was to record these insights and report back upon completion. While on this quest I was not allo
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