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  1. So I was wondering... When buying something that you want/need do you A) Shout a the bank, in general chat or shop around for the cheapest you can find it? find the item and pay for it no matter what the price is... this is a simple poll please base it on what you think you would do on average or what you would be most likely to do... Please let me know and if you want give a little bit about why you would do which ever option
  2. OK... Been absent a couple o years... Found a great location, no spawn, built a tower, stocked vendors (not quite finished yet.. lol...), put some runes about Trammel... Hmmm, not much sold (Ack!)... I've been to Luna to check my pricing (all my stuff was under 25K, so I figured pricing is good [No Emails, please... It was a joke, kinda]... Anyway, I'm not quite sure about having a shop now... How is your shop doing in Trammel?... Oh, thanks for the cookies Mum... 8)
  3. Hi, I'm new to this particular forum. =) Having finally reached maximum skills on all my crafter characters on Great Lakes, I'm now looking to create a huge vendor location, so the people of my shard have a "one stop shop" for everything craftable, especially furniture and home decor items... hence my character name IKEA Does anyone know of a way to calculate fair prices for things like furniture and home decoration items, have a link to somewhere that does? Thanks.
  4. rent is 50k a week, you'll sell things fast here ! icq me at 102388892 if you're interested
  5. Well, I am trying to complete some BODs (of course), and I was wondering if anyone knew of a vendor or vendors in Catskills>Tram that is constantly stocking Bulk Order Deeds - Tailoring, specifically. It is not like I need -specific- deeds right now. I'd just like to be able to, at some time in the future, go hunting for that last deed to complete a large order rather than hope the RNG wizard is in a good mood. So... any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  6. So I thought I would start a thread where we could list guild and alliance vendors out there. It's always nice to keep the spendings in the family, so to speak. If you have vendors, post here with their location and I'll try and update this top thread to include them all.
  7. So I have been back in UO for a few days now and have noticed a large increase in the prices on vendors. I used to have some vendors and was considering setting up a few again to help gain some funds, however, now I am not sure. Is there something that has changed regarding vendors? What is in demand now? as it is difficult to tell going by vendors. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. While doing runes and books and such it was thought of to use vendors. Most Luna vendors are about 25k a week. So we will be inquiring to vendor malls about renting a vendor to place runes and recruitment books on. Will also speak with Oda Nobunga about see if we can use his two other malls. As of now the vendors have OkuC Bod & Crafters Hall DWxC Craft Night OkuC Recruitment Books OkuB Recruitment Books It will also have The All Shards Tavern Night Runes and the Community Zoo Event that is being worked on by Bander Once the vendors are all setup will let everyone know where they ar
  9. I bought some repair deeds today from a vendor and this is what popped up in the lower left corner of my screen. You purchase a repair Service contract from ~1_Skill_Title~2_Skill_Name~ is this something new or is it a existing bug/glitch?
  10. Hi, i am looking to rent a few vendors, i need to rent them in popular places so not in the middle of know where (i already have a house there ) and not in luna i sell cheap recalls and other scrolls, house addon's and lots of resrouce, and so other stuff to. please pm me or even better ICQ - 391201530 looking forward to talking to you :
  11. Can i sell my house with other peoples vendors in it?
  12. Can i customize my house when there are other peoples vendors in it? or will it make them go away
  13. I would like to start a vendor house. Is there a web site somewhere with suggested prices for items on Atlantic? If not how does everyone come up with the prices they put on items?
  14. Treasures Good and OkuC Crafters Hall will have newspapers on their vendors located on the outside of the house. Also if they are out you can pick them up in Luna at Demon Slayer and Sundinas Vendor mall where Gwydions 18x18 use to be. Just look for the vendors dressed in Blue and Red.
  15. Good Eve one and all. In the coming weeks, I will be hosting a new Event "Market Day". but before this can happen, I will need to contact some Vendors and crafters of all types to contact me. I will have my contact info at the end of this post. What i am looking to do is set up one day ever month or two weeks where the crafters come to a town and setup a booth. I am hoping to bring players to get to know the crafters of Lake Superior or crafters from other shards. I am hoping to this will help better player interaction. And help the players find those hard to find items out there. If you
  16. I've found a couple in Luna, and some near the Yew gate, but does anyone know of any more good vendors? I need cloth and leather BODs. Thanks
  17. Or does a tamer have to search for buyers?
  18. 1 - When you get an upgrade to your account that allows your bankbox and house to have more items in it, does that also cause your vendors to be able to hold more items? 2 - When I've put not-for-sale containers on vendors, they always have a 400 stone limit for each container. But I was a vendor that had no such limit on its containers and I am wondering if there is a trick to make that happen.
  19. The PaxOku City Market currently has (Four) Open vendor spots in the mall. Rent is free. We do the runes. We gate for you. If anyone is interested in running a vendor let us know!!
  20. When the Great Angmar Revamp came out in Book 12, a number of armour sets were added to quests in the region. As sometimes happens, though, we were a little overzealous with the plan for new armour sets, and they ended up on many quests that were already in-game in some form prior to Book 12. This meant that it was possible to complete these quests before Book 12 came out, and if you did, you would never be able to finish some of these new armor sets. Few things can frustrate so well as uncompleteable armor sets, judging from my PM in box (love ya, everybody!), so we started looking for a so
  21. Turns out I will not be able to have time to do a Vendors Association. I just will not have the time nor the resources to put to task such an undertaking as I envisioned it. I want the idea and concept to stay alive however, and I would be willing to do just about anything to keep the concept alive--even to the point of relinquishing my 12x14 plot due East of the Yew Moongate to further the cause. However, I cannot put as much time in as I hoped previously to make this hope a reality. I do apologize, but I think it is better to state so now before I dig myself further in a hole that I migh
  22. I was wondering what items sell the best on your vendors. Besides from Doom Artifacts, Runic crafted armor, and Power Scrolls.
  23. I run a small scribe vendor that I've been keeping well stocked. There's a few hundred k on there now. Now I've been wondering: how safe is it to keep money on vendors? If I had say 20 million on there, would it be smart to keep it on there for a long period of time? The vendor is in my house, so there's no fear of the vendor getting kicked or expiring. UO has always been buggy, so I'd rather be sure!
  24. can i set up vendors in fel without letting anyone into my home or is there any safe way to do this without geting hijacked in my own house
  25. Notice when you go shopping and you have multiple bags open from a vendor? I'd like to see a function that closes all those bags when the main bag is closed
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