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  1. I have a vendor house which is offering free vendor spots near the Umbra entrance. No fee required for the first 3 months.. For more info email me @ jgargano03@gmail.com.
  2. I've been searching high and low both in-game and using SearchUO.com and I think I've finally got an idea for Ingot prices. I have a vendor named Gems and Rares in North Luna City at the R3 Mercantile Exchange (Thanks so much to Kahlan who has helped me more than I thought imaginable!) and I have some of each kind (excluding Valorite) of ingot. What I'd like is some input if anyone has any, I put a focus on being lower than the lowest reasonable price and it should be pretty accurate. Let me know what you think: Iron 16 Dull Cupper 50 Shadow Iron 200 Copper
  3. It may not be the biggest, but it is the closest to North gate. Open to offers in gold or trade for items. Serious Inquiries only. ICQ# 43096858 =) (Outside the gate, not inside)
  4. I have been looking around for over an hour, I want to purchase a small forge for my small house, (I know, I suck, I have a small house). Can anyone give me directions for a vendor with forges on it?
  5. Looking for a spot in Luna circle would love three spots for a reasonable price. I've tried the more notable shops but they are full and the ones that have spots the owners no longer play so can't get in contact to rent one out. Can anyone help?
  6. There has been some chat around that there is a new glitch when buying items from a vendor in a box. You will get the box instead of the item you purchased, and you will lose you gold. This has not been verified, but wanted to put a caution out there just in case.
  7. I have a vendor and would like to place a book in the inventory (not for sale) which describes availability of items, prices, etc... I had read quite a while ago that it was possible to place books on vendors so that potential customers could open them and read them. The problem is that once it is on my vendor I cannot access the inside to read it. Was I misinformed? Did something change regarding this? I don't have access to a bulletin board which is why I went this route to provide shopping information on my vendor. Any suggestions or thoughts if I can't use this technique? Thanks i
  8. rent is 50k a week, you'll sell things fast here ! icq me at 102388892 if you're interested
  9. Early March N49ATV started this thread about the economy on Seige The seige economy is not the best right now, and I like many feel the vendor rates are too high to make it worth stocking, or leaving anything on there for any amount of time. ~~~~~ There was a big response and after IanJames posted You know, I think this might actually be the one thing we can get the Siege community to agree on. Lower Player Vendor prices it was great to read these responses from the devs.
  10. THIS IS ON GL SHARD ok it is the vendor house right the westgate. the second best place in LUNA. it will be 350k per week for the steps ( only 6 spots but only 2 spots left ), 250k per week for the second row ( only 6 spots ), 175k per week for those at the edge, 135k per for the rest. the 2 blocks after the second rows are all taken up. Trust me, if you are selling highend items or armors, i will recommend taking the steps. Before i rebuild this place, i have 2 of the vendor spots on the steps rented out. that renter make a sales of 500mil in a month selling all kinds of highend items. if i
  11. In particular I need some vines and the short hedges, anyone know of any well stocked vendors?
  12. A friend is dealing with a vendor sign to a vendor that no longer exist and it is in a location that has no house plot... she is trying to expand her home but it is blocking ... she has tried paging a GM but it seems the little help button is stuck (doesn't even put her in que) ... it has been like this for 24 hours ... anyone have any suggestions? TY from a Balhae player and *cookie hugs* from mum ...
  13. Selling a 7x7 just left of trinsic gate can see vendors from the gate!!! Send me a message at my icq 454-760-378 Can anyone post what they might think a house like this might be worth?
  14. The Ancient Conclave of Wisdom is providing Free Vendor Rentals inside the walls of Luna at several locations around the city. The conditions are as follows and very simple. You provide the Rental Contract. You must keep it stocked as all times. Item pricing should be in the lower half of the market. Hence let’s say we run a search on searchuo to compare the pricing your Items should fall in the lower half of the list. Normal daily staple providers have preference. People selling items such as Bolts, Arrows, Bandi’s Furniture, plants you all know what I am talking about. T
  15. Hey all - Finally got my new vendor house (mostly) deco'd - with a pool hall and live band! The live band idea, I cannot take credit for - I copied it off of a screenshot I saved from someplace on Stratics, and for the life of me I can't find the link! My shop is on Atlantic, 3 houses to the east (right) of the North Luna gate at 106.5N, 18.59W. It's public if anybody wants to check it out
  16. Hi all - I've got vendors with items that were put up maybe a week before the patch that included the vendor penalty went in. Last night, I took some items off of the vendors to move to another mall. I put the items in my backpack. (They were music box gears priced at 5,000 each). I recalled to the new mall and tried to place them on my new vendor. (The same character owns both vendors). On some items, they went just fine. On others, they gave the error that you can't transfer items between vendors (bummer, when did that change?! I used to enjoy that feature when I reorganized my vendo
  17. Also on the 21 st this thread was started by Kyrie Elaison It's been a looooooong day and I want to make sure I am reading this correctly. Are you saying that items placed on a vendor as "Free" will be charged the standard rate as if it were for sale? Or is this only for items where people are using them as storage containers? I have a few vendors at my house that I only put free stuff on to give to young players and people that want housing decorations. This will ruin those vendors (if I get charged for those items). Just to add, I think the daily rate for a vendor is too much as
  18. Who here thinks a Player vendor interface with shard search would be cool?... As a shopper, a shard search would be cool... to search for all the sales offerings of a particular item on my shard, not x-sharding... with vendor location... As a vendor owner, I would like to see what my compeditors are doing and to auction to the highest bidder on occations, for rare items... at the very least do a simple "price check"... The interface could be accessed from any player vendor anywhere in the world... and of course you would still need to go and purchase the item off the vendor, cuz they ain
  19. Hi all - I traded a house I owned to a guildmate today. It had vendors, and I dismissed them all, but I didn't notice when I dismissed one that the "vendor reserved" red sign was on the steps at the time. I traded the house, and now the sign won't go away, even though the vendor is gone and I don't own the house anymore. How do we get rid of that sign?!
  20. It would be nice, in my opinion. I used to think this was already in the game and now I wonder what made me so delusional. Because I want some more. Anyway, a special house vendor for tamers to sell pets from, they could shrink down into little cute stuffed animals in the backpack until redeemed.
  21. Can anyone direct me to a vendor selling decorative Plants? Preferably NOT in Luna
  22. I have a few plots of vendor spots available for rent. Rental is at 100k per week. You can find those plots in LUNA. I will be accepting rental for my Museum now as well. Vendor setup there will only sell rares of all kinds. Please icq me or PM me if you are interested. ty.
  23. For the longest time after the new vendors came.. I've off and on sold the clothing the vendor was wearing.. well i put it for sale.. rarely sold it hehe, Anywho .. if you put the item in the vendor's bag and give it a price, you can then put it on the vendor to wear. Noone ever told me there was something wrong with this until today. I was setting up a new vendor and my friend sees her dress she's wearing for sale and he tells me i better take it off or a gm will kick my butt. At some time .. he had a vendor.. with items for sale being worn and a GM told him he cant do that and gave hi
  24. Bottom right corner Goza mats for High End Vendors. Curtains on the back left wall with Lord Brit Throne infront fo it. Torches on the pillars
  25. with most anything worthwhile now being able to be turned in i was wondering what is everyone selling on their vendors these days? i do a pretty brisk business in arrows and recall scrolls and was looking for other items to enhance it? i should say my vendor does not tend to stock big ticket items like fletching kits and what not as i don't like to carry a big cash balance on the vendors. basically im just looking for a small steady income stream. thanks.
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