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Found 9 results

  1. Almost all the "good" artifacts have tons of cold & energy resist and relatively little poison & fire. On one of my toons, I can actually remove two pieces of armor and still have 70 Energy resist. Is this deliberate to force people to use some runic pieces, or is it just some weird oversight?
  2. Key quote - The existing Kyoto Protocol has, to date, been a near total failure 'CO2 reduction treaties useless' By Sarah Mukherjee BBC environment correspondent The report's authors say power stations may need to be moved A new report says treaties aimed at reducing CO2 emissions are useless. T
  3. havent played in 2 years just am wondering if focus is even useful for pvp or pvm.... :-/ seems must temps dont have it so if its not useful ill pick up Busho for it.
  4. Hi, I recently posted about having issues with one of my accounts. Basically I created my account about a year and a half ago with Ultima Online Samurai Empire. After about 2 months I upgraded to Mondains Legacy with an Upgrade Code. After enjoying another 6 months playing I decided to take a break from Ultima and suspended my account. Now the other day I decided I wanted to return to UO and in doing so logged in on my account and attempted to reactivate my account but I was asked for an upgrade code. A code I never had or never should have needed to apply since I had the account already r
  5. Just wondering what age my online friends are? Im 42 (physically)
  6. Heya all i recently made a char with 110 swords, 110 tactics, 100 healing, 100 anat, 100 bushido, 70 chiv, 110 parry and then someone told me "It's pointless having bush and chiv without focus" Is this true or falso? Also any suggestions on 2 handed weapons that are easy to get hold of for my new guy? Maybe some decent hunting spots too? Thansk guys!
  7. source taken from UO.UHall Thread :- Make all the useless skills usefull?? Comment So I went through and listed all the skills that are completley useless.. Camping Cooking Arms Lore Item Identification Taste Identification - Seriouslyz? Forensic Evaluation Begging Discordance Detecting Hiding Tracking So these are pretty much all the useless skills, I didn't even know taste identification still exsisted.. Hmm, so what's the point of a lot of these skills? What the hell can I do with GM begging?? Make like 200 gold off begging from an NPC? What is the point of item identification i
  8. hi, is it possible to mark locations on the ingame radar map? with icons, or pins? Do I have to use automap for that?
  9. source taken from UO.UHall Is the pure mage useless now? i havent played in years and my first character ever is... GM Magery GM Med GM Tactics GM Wrestling GM Evaul Intel Master Inscribe Master Resist Spell now it seems like Macers and Dexters are too powerful for any mage to compete if i were to decide to 120 all those skills (except Tactics) would i just be wasting my time? and I guess if you are a solo pvper, it is not ideal. If you are pvping with a guild there are several ways you are an asset. I pvm my mage and am still really effective. Not all creatures submit to
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