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  1. Looking to sell a SA upgrade code with tokens. I Bought one too many and I am looking to sell it for UO gold on GL shard
  2. soo im gonna upgrade my computer on a BG: 250euro... Im using that as a sum since i know how carried away i can get Current system 550PSU with extra fan, 3gb DDR2 ram, - 1x 2gb 1x 1gb (4 slots) 512mb Nvidia 9800GTX Quad, 2,6ghz intel MB: P5K Asus - Crossfire ready and 4 ram slots Im not sure what to get.. Surely i got tempted by the new Radeon cards.. but expensive and not worth it currently. PSU i probably will hold as priority.. then ram. If the BG is enough ill go for a 1gb card of some sort.. Anyone got better ideas?
  3. If you are wanting to buy the upgrade then be very careful you click on the right thing on the EA Website or you'll find yourself purchasing a new account that can not be used to upgrade. EA Store link Scroll down to find the upgrade link on that site. It should cost £19.99 so if you find it costing more than that you've pressed the wrong one.
  4. For those of you who never upgraded to Modains Legacy, you can now do it for free! http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=877
  5. Figures we'd get the short end of the stick. Windows 7 pricing gets unveiled Europeans will get a full version of Windows 7 at upgrade prices Microsoft will not be offering upgrade version of Windows 7 to Europeans. In the past Microsoft has given people already using Windows a chance to upgrade to a new version when it becomes available. While that option will be offered
  6. .....will I be able to access all the content from Mondain's Legacy?? I returned to UO a few months back after a long absence and upgraded to 8th age content. I was reluctant to upgrade to ML as I knew the Stygian Abyss expansion was coming soon. So at the moment I cannot access any ML content from my account. When SA is released, if I buy this will it include all previous expansions as well as ML? Thanks
  7. Just ordered the Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Edition and I was thinking about starting a trial account while I wait for it to be shipped. Can I upgrade this trial account to the full version with the code from 9th?
  8. I always wondered why a normal fish weighing 1 stone would yield 4 fish steaks and a big fish with 100 stones also gives 4 fish steaks Why not make a 100 stones fish give 400 fish steak? Or let's not be greedy, 100 fish steaks? Especially with the library collection in mind. Getting the maritim reading glasses requires 2.4 million fish steaks! That's an awful long time of nothing else then fishing! Upgraded big fishes would make this a little less tedious and also they would be useful for something else than trophys. Because honestly, how many fish trophys does one want? (I got two: my fi
  9. I am running into problems. I've created a free trial account a while back (thanks for the heads up at that time!), but unfortunately due to RL things going on (new job, moved home) I haven't been able to spend much time in UO and hence the free trial went down the drain, I am afraid. I'd like to give another serious shot at UO, but the registration webpage gives me a headache. If I login with my UO account it tells me that the account name is not known by the system. Note that I CAN login to my account management page without problems with that name!! Ok no problem, I thought, maybe I ne
  10. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=167358
  11. Dear, i bought an 9th Anniversary Code for upgrade my SE Accounts. The seller told my i can use this for upgrade (97 times before he sold it without problems). After submitting the code , i get following Error Message Error! The code you entered is unavailable. Please check what you entered and try again. If you need more help, contact us at: (866) 543-5435 (toll free) within the continental U.S. only. What´s wrong ? What´s my mistake ? Greets Tiger P.S. : Sorry for my bad english :-)
  12. well, recently one of my rl friend finally open his first uo account! He used a trial code but now he need a ML upgrade code, so.. someone have a extra ML upgrade code i can have? thx =) (if yes, i hope, send it using pm thx again)
  13. On Monday, Microsoft released to manufacturers (RTM) the final code for Windows XP SP3. The upgrade provides support for WPA2 and the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) used in Windows Vista, among other things. The public version will be available for download via the Web on April 29. Based on our initial installation, the upgrade will be effortless for most Windows XP users. Full story here
  14. source Where is the cheapest place to get ML, i heared u can get it for 10 Euro's but cant find it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you find the ML upgrade for anything lower than the price on uogamecodes.com, the code was almost certainly obtained fraudulently - or you've found someone who doesn't mind losing money. I know which one I'd bet on. (We do not offer any sort of bulk discount for those codes, so there's no way for anyone to resell them at a profit for a lower cost than ours.) E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythic
  15. Is there any way I can increase the storge space of my current house, or do I have to build a new, bigger one from scratch? PS Thanks to everyone who responds to my seemingly endless list of newbie questions. A lot of stuff I just experiment, but sometimes I get nervous that getting it wrong may be too expensive.
  16. Hello if i buy Ultima Online™: Mondain’s Legacy Upgrade for 29$ Is it inkluded so I can play it with Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn or is that something else?? Sorry for the bad english to Sweden here. //Jogge
  17. source Where is the cheapest place to get ML, i heared u can get it for 10 Euro's but cant find it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you find the ML upgrade for anything lower than the price on uogamecodes.com, the code was almost certainly obtained fraudulently - or you've found someone who doesn't mind losing money. I know which one I'd bet on. (We do not offer any sort of bulk discount for those codes, so there's no way for anyone to resell them at a profit for a lower cost than ours.) E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythic
  18. Hey Peeps I have 1 acct that is still only upgraded to SE and I was thinking of upgrading to current since I am going to play that acct on Lake Austin. I am wondering if anyone knows or has heard rumors of what Stygian Abyss will cost? I don't really want to pay for an upgrade now and then pay again a couple of months from now. The Ancalon Family:<3
  19. i have to wait till monday to get the 9th anniversery, unless there is a site i can go to buy ML for 19.99 like for how much EB games/Gamestop has it. does anybody know of one?
  20. Well I have the 9th Anniversery Edition which includes Mondains Legacy, yet there are 2 parts of the floor tiles which I still cannot use. My first thought would be these were patched in for KR or SA. Does anyone else have this problem?
  21. taken from Thread :-Ingame 9th Anniversary upgrade issue:found in UO.UHall Comment My understanding of the 9th Anniversary upgrade is that it grants Mondain's Legacy access and capabilities to the account that it is applied to (through the Accounts Management page, of course). When formerly applying a Mondain's Legacy upgrade to a grandfathered account last year, all of the grandfathered housing on that account immediately benefited from the ML 20% increased storage...and some of those houses were almost older than the game itself. :-) Last night, I applied the 9th Anniversary upgrad
  22. Is KR just a graphical upgrade in a nutshell? Are there going to be any anti-cheat/macro/hack stuff put in to stop all the hacks in the game? I am just gettting a little annoyed that I see more and more hacks in the game in PvP. Just today there was a person not only speed hacking, but he was also casting spells w/ no words being said. I was just getting hit w/ flamestrike after flamestrike while i was running around and him running right behind me. I am thinking of leaving game and just playing a console system online since cheating is not even as rampant. Please leave any info or direct me w
  23. Bah So, i've had windows xp home for as long as I can remember, bought it shortly after it came out, but because I upgrade my pc now and again, it keeps coming up with "The hardware has changed significantly and you need to reactivate" So I go through the steps, and it fails, saying i've used the key to many times to reactivate I call up, go through their activtion by phone thing, same thing, fails there to So, do I have to BUY a new copy? The software I have is NOT OEM, it's a retail copy of XP
  24. For those who haven't seen the news http://chat.stratics.com/ Site Update - 12:24 PM EST | Posted By: Elm Hello, We will be upgrading one of our primary web servers this weekend and this will require some limited downtime. This maintenance is scheduled to begin early on Saturday, November 4th, 2006. We will do our best to keep the downtime to a minimum. This upgrade is intended to improve stability, performance and security for our primary web server.
  25. <nocompress>Yay Hubble telescope will get upgrade HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE Named after the great US astronomer Edwin Hubble Launched in 1990 into a 600km-high circular o
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