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  1. Santiago's Fishing Challenge Trinsic City September 3, 2009 In Attendance: Ry, Sami, Yamamoto [CAT], Lord Merlock [DWxC], Sushi [DWxC], Em Dudley, Loopy [FTH], Lord Gareth [PaxO], Jonah [DWxC], Savaric [DWxC], Lady Alexis Korath, Knightingale [TEB], syjwoods, Lord Kei Kusanagi [RAZE], Crewel Lye [uSN],Lameth (DWxC), Smiley, Samuel The fishermen of Chesapeake all made their way to the Counselors Hall in Britain city. (Please note almost all EM events start here.) Once gathered EM Dudley had people pre-register with him. The following information needed to be entered into
  2. Guest

    Updated two rules.

    First, a trade forum specific change. As the rule states, the change has been put into effect because people are somehow unable to keep their mouths shut =) Second, Thankyee!
  3. Guest

    Blog system updated.

    Just for bug fixes and stuff. If you want a blog, you can get one via your control panel area http://www.uoforums.com/blog_usercp.php
  4. Running the latest version which fixes several bugs and whatnot. Hopefully random chats won't get eaten now.
  5. Updated the Calendar with all the events we have started and continuing. Savage Sponsored Hunt Date: Every Tuesday Night Time: 10:20pm EST Location: PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Island) Niva's Hunting Lodge Hosts: Niva The Savage and T_T Guild Description:Community hunt after the PaxLair Statehood meeting. various levels of spawn depending on the skill of the group that day. Crafters Hall and Bod Exchange Date: Every Sunday Time: 7:00PM EST Location: PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Island) Hosts: PaxOku Crafters Society (OkuC) Description:Exchange and work bods. Also offering free Golems, Fire Beetl
  6. Some imagery released back in late 2007 New art added as of September 9th, 2008 Updated November 26th, 2008 - Concept art for three throwing weapons
  7. Note: the Guard Outpost shown at the south gate is currently a beach hut, but it has been requisitioned by the Duchy and will be rebuilt over the next few weeks. Irvyn Middlethorn Duke of Trinsic, Servant of the Realm, Defender of the South, etc etc The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic: An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me, and my life is done." ------------- Dukes don't cheat, they adapt to circumstances. (Slightly amended quote from "The Slipper and the R
  8. 16-Apr-2009 Greetings, We are currently experiencing an issue where certain characters unavailable from the character select after visiting the region of Eregion. We are currently working on resolving this issue together with Turbine, and we hope to get to the very bottom of it swiftly. Meanwhile if you are experiencing this issue please help our investigations by visiting this thread and letting us know which area of Eregion you were in as you logged off (or if you've encountered this while being outside Eregion), your server and your characters name. This will greatly help us in getti
  9. OHHH!!! A special building under construction and an important message from EM Eira posted in the 'Wedding Book' located next door in the Counselor Hall ...
  10. Forum is now running on 3.8.0, the last edition before 4.0 Blog system has also been updated. (Not sure what's changed, i'll have to check later ) If you notice anything broken, let me know!
  11. Shield & Armor pricing Guide Other guides can be reached from the above link.
  12. In response to many questions being asked Hello Everyone, I want to thank everyone that has sent in their applications and the great stories I have read (and still reading). I would like to answer a few questions that I am being asked alot. 1. Yes you have to be 18 years old to apply. 2. You will not be able to work on the same shard you play on. (Siege and Europe might be an exception) 3. All the questions have to be answered. 4. You do not have to live in the US to apply. 5. I have been asked alot of questions about
  13. If you notice anything broken, let me know.
  14. The Game specific rule page has been updated. http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=info_gamespecific It's basically our policies on the sale of items for cash, for each game.
  15. A burning question! Does anyone else here think they should've spent the money/time/resources on updating the 2D client, instead of creating UOKR?
  16. Hi all - FYI, the Pet Power Calculator has been updated to fix some erroneous max skill data for the Nightmares, particularly regarding the max Eval Int skill. Vet Master's data (where I got most of the pet numbers) seemed less accurate than what Stratics had, so I updated the Nightmares to use Stratics' data instead. It should be more accurate now. I also double-checked some numbers with Greater Dragons. No changes were made, as the value in question was the max hit points, and I believe it is accurate at 1,000 (tamed). Note that spell effects such as Bless can increase the HP on your g-d
  17. Taken from UO Stratics: http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=uouhall&Number=7075136&page=0&view=&sb=5 Last week UO Stratics announced our brand new BOD Calculators for Tailoring BODs and for Blacksmithing BODs. One of the biggest requests we've been receiving ever since has been to search By Reward to find out what BODs are required in order to receive said rewards. And now, thanks to our tech guru, Xena Dragon, we are happy to announce that this option has now been added to the calculators. So head on over to the Tailoring BOD Calculator and
  18. Can we get the Patch Log Screen Updated asked Adder_Atl . He went on to post out the entire patch and publish.So for those who havent yet seen it here it is again. Last times these were updated was May and June. Since we have a new patch and publish, maybe we can get this updated for the newer players we have *cough* Hopefully this cut and paste works> Current Client Patch Notes Expand this section to see the latest client changes in both the KR client and the 2D client. Updated May 28 at 2:30PM EST.
  19. Guest

    UO Herald Updated!

    UO Herald Updated! Jeremy Dalberg 11 Sep 2008 14:16:49 Most of the UO.com content has finally been ported over to UOHerald.com! Please check out the left nav bar and take a look at the new format - we'd love to get feedback or bug reports on it!
  20. Sent a email to Jeremy. Told her what i thought abotu stratics and she emailed me back within an hour....she still at work? or just a UO addict? Anywho here you go. She wrote me back quickly on the email. So she made an oppsy.
  21. From UO Herald .... *UPDATED 4:36PM EST: Login servers are back up! You may still see issues with the promo code system or the vet reward system, though - we're still working on those.
  22. Posted to UO Herald by Jeremy Dalberg 15 Jul 2008 16:04:04 TC1 has been updated with the following: * Archery Buttes should now be useable when placed * Blue players are no longer able to heal faction members in Felucca * Event Quest items such as Bloodied Parchment, Soggy Parchment and the Note from Casca are now blessed so players can not lose them * Melissa’s Cloak can no longer be used as Powder of Fortification * Corroded boxes will no longer get stuck on the ground when opened outside of a backpack * Issue was fixed with the Mouseholes so they can be axed to
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