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  1. Update for the Offices 2009-10-15: Herald - Lucic Archon - Mithrim Marschall - Abigail Rynn (Acting) Commander of Knights - Reiver Bloodkind (Acting) This means remaining office roles are as follows :- Seneschall Chaplin Drapier Keeper of books Armsmaster Turcopolier These jobs roles are defined in the office poster, situated here: Applications to the different offices are to be sent via a private massage to myself. May the Virtues Prevail!
  2. General * The existing /welcome emote now greets/welcomes targets (character says "hello"), while the new /yw is for saying "you're welcome." * Many of the tail sweeps with knockback effects will no longer hit players' pets. Icecrown Citadel * The Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron in the 5-player dungeon are currently available for testing. * Additional Icecrown Citadel dungeon and raid content will be made available in future test builds. For more information and testing schedules please visit our Test Realm forum. Classes: General * Area-of-Effect Damage Caps: We'
  3. As of this evenings ceremony and meetings the following offices are filled Seneschall - Sagittarius Herald - Lucic Archon - Mithrim Marschall - Abigail Rynn (Acting) This means remaining office roles are as follows :- Commander of Knights Chaplin Drapier Keeper of books Armsmaster Turcopolier These jobs roles are defined in the office poster, situated above this one. I am aware of some interest in some of these roles, however please come and speak to me privately in regards to your interest in either of these roles, or contact me via pidgeon Sagittarius
  4. Greetings, I was taking a quick peek at my guilds alliance roster, and for some strange reason, two guilds that left our alliance back in May still show up as our allies. It updates new guilds that have entered into the alliance, but the two that left still show up as well. Anyone else notice this bug?
  5. I've noticed again today you all can't read my mind. Will have to work on that. Any who here is an update of whats taking place in PaxOku City and also behind the scene things. Again everyone is welcome to join in and we need lots of people as were finally organized for the most part and know where we need things. New Events and Changes- Visago will be returning to Thursday Night Hunts. He has ran them for years and was always a smashing success. This will be hosted at the Blue Light Tavern. Locations are chosen prior to the event and I'll do my best to give people ample warning of where
  6. Just figured I'd throw a few updates on here. I am currently importing all of the guides on the CNC site into this one. It's slow going, but as I get each of her sections done, I'm going to post here. Currently all of the "Dark and Gloomy Decor" has been added to the site. Also, all of the "Wall Decor has been added to the site. This, however, was split into two categories. The Categories they can be found under is "Wall Decor" and "Fireplaces". This is a time consuming process and with the holiday I've had time to work on it and will slowly add as I go. Once I have all of the
  7. So I'm moving this here. How is the rp in Cats? I went by the Knights Rest Tavern the other day and it was quite empty. Is Vallend still the shard reporter for stratics? Gah, so much news to catch up on!=)
  8. Someone had asked to see a picture of my 'stable', so here it is - just a simple single stall in my yard. To the right you will see my ancestral shrine around the rocks. There my (ahem) Maple tree drops apples, or as I pretend to call them, Mapples. Continuity Schmontinuity. To the left there are a few 'stone' pavers (pillows & wool piles) arranged to make a path to my storage keep. Kinda hard to see. There is a barrel lid acting as a mat in front of the 'secret' door to my main house. I wish these could be dyed... The guardian by the door is from the Castles and Courtyard websit
  9. I need to get some new pics downloaded soon. As soon as I do I'll download them. So far they still wobble between 25-26weeks at the dr's and peri's. I'm not too worried. The kids will get here when they get here. Last week they measured them and so far so good! Estimate 1lb 9oz and 1lb 7oz. My little one had a big growth spurt and my tummy shows every bit of it. Not as big as a house yet. Most people think I'm too small for twins. What? Should I shove a beachball up there? hehe I'm big anyhow so for a long time I didn't have a bump to brag about. Now I'm getting too big for my
  10. Well events took quite a turn yesterday as we gathered in Brit for the next stage in this event. We were led on an expedition thru Covetous and then on to Hyloth where we were looking for the thief that stole Jessica's Diary. In Hyloth the Royal Guards appeared and we found the thief Fabio. The guard then screwed up and allowed the thief to escape taking jessica with him. A ransom note appears...... EM Vladimere had to leave to deal with the guard who let the thief escape. To be continued........ Check with Marcy the event advertiser to see when the next scheduled event will happen. Co
  11. As most know PaxOku is still in alliance talks with a few other guilds. This is the update for those wanting to know more information We are going well with B@H right now. We hope to have something hammered out by the end of this week. We are working closely with them for auctions in the Monday and Tuesday areas.( Both auctions have WRR and Trivia. The owner of B@H already spoke with me to make sure that we don't feel offended and I told her simply we want to see B@H auction succeed just as much as our own and find it wonderful to help WRR with ratings where ever we can.) Aquarius and King
  12. Downtime extended 02/04/09 The game servers are currently being updated with the latest patch. Patching is taking longer than we anticipated and therefore apologise for the extended downtime. We hope to have the servers back online by 15.00 UK time(GMT+1).
  13. Guest

    Suspicious Items: Update

    Posted at UOHerald.com Suspicious Items: Update Robert Mull 12 Jan 2009 11:15:52 Good news everybody! Our concerns about a recent appearance of suspicious items have proven to be unfounded. They are, mostly, obtainable in ways that are long standing tradition: “oops, we didn’t lock it down, it’s decorative, and it’s been that way for a long time.” In other words, this is not the result of a new dupe. The bulk of reports coming in were about the dinner plates, both full and dirty. It turns out that these plates are actually spawning daily. Whenever
  14. EM Tailspin will be on at 8pm tomorrow which is sunday
  15. Mesanna did a post in the thread about it on Stratics today Thought I'd post it over here also so folks that haven't seen it there will know to check for there E-mails.
  16. Ok, here's the total points so far. I hope I'm doing my math correctly and I apologize in advance for any name misspellings. In the lead now we have a TIE! Lady Phoenix and Lord Sencha both have 910 points! Lord Lucien Snow - 885 points Lady Zarshey Snow - 810 points Lord Drake Darkfrye - 775 points Niva the Savage - 660 points Lord James Von Kreig - 650 points Visago - 470 points Lord G-Two - 425 points Niallis - 350 points Kilik - 315 points Thog - 250 points Bfk - 210 points Lord Jasper - 75 points Kalars - 60 points Good job everyone - though Don't Be Deceived! Points come fast
  17. Released Tuesday October 14th by Saga the owner of the Deus Ex Machina Forums. Saga- "I've been toying with the idea of shutting down the site. ALREADY Issac has been removed as an admin of this site due to his inability to be loyal to his own guild mates. I would like to personally apologize to Arwen, Strength, Choc, Drake, Bentley, and everyone else that was around when {X} was worth a damn, sadly enough it's now nothing more than a 19 year old sore that just never seems to heal. It's a shame that such a great guild has been drug so thoroughly through the sewers by Issac. BUT... I
  18. On 12/09/08 REDEATH asks for an up date Hey when will they finally update or just migrate the UO Account manegement over to the EA Mythic account management system? ~~~~ Full migration will probably not happen for a while, but as of Wednesday the company in charge of maintaining that site was 90% done with the (very long) list of bugs and issues we'd sent to them. I don't know if it's the "last 10%of the work takes 90% of the time" sort of situation or what, but they are making progress at least.
  19. Seemingly Jeremy has at some point asked for feedback,according to Spellbound over on Stratics. Ive no idea how I missed it,but I thought folk here might like to add their voice. Here are some glitches already identified,and some resolutions. Be sure to post any you find also thanks. Spellbound found the following Hi Jeremy:You requested some feedback on the porting of uo.com to herald. Found that the Stores button on the left hand side is not operating and goes nowhere, but I was expecting uo gamecodes there. Big issues with CONTACT US leads to only this: "http://support.uo.com/co
  20. Posted on the Age of Conan Forums under Server Status. "Latest Information about the Update: The latest build of the next update has been tested last week and over the weekend. Today we encountered an issue with the combat system which needs to be investigated in detail before we can decide if the update is going to the live servers or if the issue needs to be resolved first. Due to this we will not update the live servers tomorrow (Tuesday). We will announce any new developments with the update status on the official forums as well as the launcher tomorrow as soon as more details become
  21. Rather disappointing to, I might add. According to the powers that be, this is the policy 1) If your site has no advertisements/banners of any kind, it's OK to advertise your site in game (be it profile, guild link etc) 2) If your site has adverts, for whatever (be it brokers, flash banner ads etc), then it's NOT ok, with one exception Apparently stratics is excluded from this, as they're on an "approved list", which no one can apply to be added to.To say that's unfair, would be an understatement.
  22. I asked Jeremy for clarification regarding the advertisement of URL's in game, be it spoken or in people's profiles. The reply was
  23. This was taken from Funcom's forum and its huge...
  24. Hello all! I bring you a little short status update from the ongoing community project, the MoongatesWiki. We have now passed 300 articles in the wiki, and are seeing great improvements in a lot of areas. We are still missing a few of the larger articles, such as role-playing, in character and out of character. We could also do with more illustrations and images, so if you are sitting on some old material you don't want to loose; here's the place to store them. The stylesheet/theme is still severly bugged in Internet Explorer and Firefox 3, but I'm planning on resolving these issues late
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