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  1. [video=youtube;OSNvVKF8RTE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSNvVKF8RTE
  2. [video=youtube;k2zh1A9TCME]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2zh1A9TCME
  3. Do you mostly seem to accidentally cast offensive magic on yourself? I will precast a magic attack & before it gives me the option to target, I'm zapping myself in UOKR. Ugh!
  4. Hi all, The instant I click OK on the patch screen and the client attempts to run, the screen and pc lock up totally, requiring a reboot. No error msg. This has happened for weeks through many patches, always the same. I emailed uo along w/dxdiag info, twice as instructed, no reply System specs: Processor=P4 2ghz, RAM=2gig, Vid card=nvidia geforce6600 128mb, drivers uptodate OS: WinXP, uptodate DirectX Diagnostic = no errors and is ver 9.0c Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nat Brazil,
  5. Guest

    uo:kr question

    i was wondering if any 1 knows of any uo:kr free shards other than awakening kingdom reborn, cause everytime i try to log in it says it cant connect. so if you do id appreciate it very much
  6. UOKR will be 5 months old, come November 28th, so we're now doing a poll on what you guys and girls think of the client, in general So, what do you think of UOKR now it's been gold for 5 months?
  7. Where do I get the UO KR files ? There are now,a selection of links on the UO log in screen
  8. Is there a good way to setup a fishing macro, similar to UOassist, I can't figure it out with the new client
  9. Hey guys I need a little help getting my pet command macros to work properly. I am used to the macros in 2d when I hit my keys my char says all kill I get a targeting cursor to select the monster that I want my pets to attack. In KR there is no targeting cursor and I have had my pets chasing me!! LOL, it's not fun to run from a p.o.'ed rune beetle and nightmare! I have tried to set it up in the macro so that it gives me a targeting cursor after I issue the command but it does not. The only way that I can get this to work properly is to select the monster first so that cursor is already on it t
  10. Received from Sean, at the Syndicate (The Syndicate - Premier Online Gaming Guild) Updates To The UO:KR Guide. The Syndicate released a UO:KR guide/overview back in March of this year. Since then, it has been updated several times. With this latest update we add a massive chunk to it covering Treasure Maps from start to finish. The Treasure Maps section is so large, it needed to be its own page linked off the main guide. In this update you will see: * A comparison of the 2D and KR systems * How to use the KR Waypoint system to mark where Tmaps are located * A complete list
  11. I spoke with Jeremy and asked about KR's slow progress Due to the move and having to hire new staff to replace those who chose not to move, KR's development has been a fair bit slower Basically they had to hire new staff, train said staff and redo all their schedules So I hope that means we'll be seeing more work being put into KR. Not exactly ground breaking news, I know, but that's the official reason anyways
  12. UO:KR Guide Updated With Tips & Tricks -------------------------------- About a month ago, The Syndicate® released an overview of the UO:KR Client. It covers things like the Crafting System, the Mapping System, Setting up Macros and much more. The guide has received a great deal of positive feedback and hundreds of reads. Since then, we have worked to expand the guide to include tips and tricks. A revised version of the guide has been released here: The Syndicate - Premier Online Gaming Guild Some of the interesting new information includes: Setting up a KR macro to r
  13. :angry5: i have uokr just was messing with friends list added a friend that doesnt have uokr and now i cant get back to normal chat mode clicked tell button and now all my messages go to him except he cant hear it can anyone help me its driving me crazy must be somthing simple
  14. I have been trying to figure out a macro to loot corpese from quests like lady mel. however with the new system on uokr cant seem to figure it out can somone please help. I have had looting rights to lady mel a few times but by the time i use ctrl and shift to find her body everything is gone
  15. Received from Sean, at the Syndicate. An Overview Of The UO:KR Client The UO:KR client came out in 2007. It was loaded with bugs and performance issues that caused a large number of players to steer clear of using it. A number of patches were released such that by mid-Feb 2008 the client was in pretty good shape and offered a bunch of useful features to players. The Syndicate® created a series articles that were used internally in their guild to help educate our members on the new client and the options they might find useful. Those articles have been compiled into a singl
  16. Does UOKR include the expansion packs? I have downloaded and installed this client but I came across another client to download which you can see here.
  17. Each time i download uork from the uo official web site or any other mirror , it is corrupt and broken!I mean that i cant unzip the file because it give me a error message each time, i tried to repair it using in-tool but its not use and still broken. Im quite annoyed now, its been 5 times i download 2 gig and it still not working ! Any idea why?
  18. Been playing UOKR off and on since I downloaded it. (I also run 2D 9th Anniversary as well) I think the graphics are brill but I only play it when alone in the game. The reason being I am a member of a guild and cannot converse with any other guild member when they are on line. The 2D way was to use \ before what you had to say, tried it on UOKR and it did not work. Any one know what I have to do?
  19. I have downloaded UOKR. Just figured I'd check it out. Well, it took about 4 hours to download. I try to open the setup file and it locks my computer up. That actually happens with nearly every folder in the file. Any suggestions?
  20. According to this thread http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=7536242&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=31&fpart=1&vc=1&what2=showflat&selv=&vwhich= Whenever you log into UOKR, you automatically get placed into a "Global chat channel", which apparently, lets you see how many people are using the UOKR client According to that thread...there isn't many, heh. Shame if true, I think UOKR has a lot of potential.
  21. This is my frustating experience in trying to run UO Kingdom Reborn client. Please allow me to share some of that with you. I'm dying to play this game but EA has put a lot of obstacles for me to do just that I live in Indonesia (yeah not very common for UO player), and I played when they first launched it in 1997. I was in dial up connection back then, so the experience wasn't really a bliss. After playing it for about a year, I stopped due to connectivity problem, but UO has left its mark on me. Anyway, I recently found out that UO had this graphic overhaul in the form of UOKR. So I t
  22. Transferring patch information Downloading patch uokr_win32_2-47-1-10.rtp( 1775836 bytes ) Downloading patch uokr_win32_2-47-1-10.pat( 11 bytes ) Applying patch patch\uokr_win32_2-47-1-10.rtp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PATCH Version 7.00 - RTPatch® Professional - Software Update System DOS/16-bit Windows/32-bit Windows Edition © Copyright Pocket Soft, Inc., 1991-2002. All Rights Reserved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Processing Pa
  23. 1 being poor, 5 being excellent. This is a general poll, so vote on the client in general.
  24. Short n sweet video of the fireworks Windows media format attached to this post, or youtube [video=youtube;MMDpa0upTyk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMDpa0upTyk
  25. Some weird bugs with bank boxes and stacked items in the hot bar. Had to mess with far to many options to make KR feel like the 2d client. Game chat colors are all white... No approaching names in system channel. Other then that everything is okay so far and I like it.
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