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  1. Hello! I have been in search of the Ultima Online Charter Edition which was released in 1997. I have been rather unsuccessful in my search through the google universe which is rather odd but understandable. If anyone has an idea on where I might find one I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks!! Arthur Stonewick
  2. Well with all the chaos of the 15th anniversary for UO, crazy storms, and not to mention our own 10th year anniversary events, we can now post the interview with the dark lady her self - Mesanna! Thank you, Mesanna, for answering our questions despite the hectic couple of months and for showing up to our 10 year shard tour closing event on Sunday! I hope you all enjoy the interview! 1. Tell us about how your UO career started and has changed through the various positions you have held through your career. Did you ever expect to be the Producer of Ultima Online? What was the transition fr
  3. Hey everyone! Check out Ultima-Gallery.com & the Christmas art contest! 3 Lucky winners will get the choice of a signed virtue card from the Ultima Forever Virtue card deck! For more details check out Ultima Gallery Blog I hope to see some nice pieces of art! Thanks everyone Rupert Avery!
  4. I'm not sure where to put this.. I've been looking through the forum categories for 15 minutes and I've come to the conclusion that this is the only section... sorry in advance if I piss anyone off! Please move my post to a more appropriate place if there is one, moderators. ty Edit by Adam: Freeshard stuff isn't allowed here, I'm afraid.
  5. Ok so I have recently been trying to get back into Ultima Online - Haven't really played much in the last 2-3 years but before I kinda went away I left my house pretty much near full with what I thought are rares. I have so much stuff and I feel like I have forgotten a pastlife that I once used to know so I was hoping you guys could help me out on origins and potential worth. I would love to know the history of these items. Hope this isn't too excessive... Part 1: Items 1. A Robe - I have a few of these laying around 2. Now I have hundreds of items with the term 2.1 "Of Exceptional Quali
  6. Seeing as how the MMO genre wouldn't be here without UO, and how most MMO players out there have payed UO at some point in time, you just KNOW UO2 would get a ton of subs. Do it. Do it. I'll help develop it. For free. You like the word free, don't you EA?
  7. Mythic's Tim Cotton took some time during AGDC to catch us up on what EA is up to with the venerable Ultima Online. By Garrett Fuller on September 23, 2009 Ultima Online is a shining example in the MMO world. It is the oldest running MMO right now that everyone remembers. Ultima Online just celebrated its twelve year anniversary and has twenty seven active servers around the world. Many MMO companies wish they could have at type of success. We sat down with Tim Cotton and talked about Ultima Online’s rich history, its most recent ex
  8. I was out today at a yard sale and saw all the old ultima games and purchased them. What a sweet find!!!! I started playing Ultima 1 The First Age of Darkness. The games runs great and I had to find a dos program to run it with windows xp. But the games didn;t come with any instructions. I was wondering if anyone had the basic instructions for the games. it is the whole collection of the games. By the way purchased it for $5.
  9. http://www.joystiq.com/2009/07/24/ea-crafting-new-ultima-online-for-asian-market/ EA and NetDragon Enter Agreement to Develop Ultima Online HONG KONG, July 22 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq: ERTS) and NetDragon Websoft Inc., a leading game developer and operator in China ("NetDragon", with its subsidiaries collectively know as the "Group"; Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), today announced a licensing agreement for the development of a new massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) based on "Ultima Online" from Ele
  10. For the past two weeks I've been trying to find out how I can purchase a Legacy token code and a 7th character slot and space combo that doesn't involve paying £21 to purchase a pre-paid credit card before even charging it with my hard earned in real life golds. After the horrid service from the EA online support leaving my questions unresolved I found a number for UK EA support. Gave them a ring and all they could give me was 'Special items given online to credit card users'... I've never heard such trash in my entire life. Everything on that site has a paybycash option but two of the major t
  11. Hey there Just thought some of you may be interested in this, a Band from the UK called Ascension! we are inspired greatly by ultima, particularly in our songs Moongate, and Blackthorne. We also have a few songs in production called The Avatar, and By the virtues, heavily inspired by ultima Our EP " The moongate " is out now, and is also heavily inspired by Ultima, although i will say, not all our songs are about Ultima haha youll see a lot of Ultima References in our artwork and our songs, and i just thought some of you may like it the first song you will hear on our myspace is called T
  12. Hello there UO players, ive been playing this game with different trail accounts for quite some time now. I love the game and all that it has to offer. But my concern is that even if i put in some time and effort to this game will it be a waste of time since the game is like 12 years old. When im playing an MMO i want the game to be active enough to enjoy all the things the game has to offer. In UO i would love to own a house or several houses.. is this even possible since what ive come do understand is that old players and their houses are still here which makes it very difficult for relat
  13. Hello everyone. I just played UO for the first time. Just played a couple of hours so far but I must say im having great fun. Ive been playing mmo's for about 8 years, mostly the more hardcore games like Anarchy Online and Everquest1, and when I play im strictly PVE'ing. When I started playing I noticed a message saying something about I will not be attack by other players for 40 more hours, so I have a few questions. 1) Apparently im on a PVP server, but I couldnt see any servers who said PVE. Do they exist? 2) Are there any safe places/zones that i cant be PK'ed in? 3) When I get k
  14. Ok so I am going to buy ultima and I am wondering if the (Ultima Online™ Eleventh Year Collection) includes the original game and all expansions or none of the games and just these items Fallen Log Lamp Post Hitching Post Armor Engraving Tool Earring of Protection Ancestral Gravestone Bulk Order Cover Wooden Bookcase Snow Tree Maple Tree Willow Tree
  15. Just ordered the Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Edition and I was thinking about starting a trial account while I wait for it to be shipped. Can I upgrade this trial account to the full version with the code from 9th?
  16. Greetings... I have been playing UO since 97. My search for knowledge and everything related to this game can be sometimes... overwhelming. A- Skill Training Cycles: ... (Here the players maximize their skills) B- Crafting Cycles: Gather resources (wood, reags, scrolls, ore...), Gather bods, Fill bods, Complete Heartwood Quests,... (Here the players create slayer speelbooks, special weapons, armor...) C- PVM Cycles: Camp a Monster site, collect gold/silver/items... send to bank, Train a New Pet, (Here the players collect some extra gear and finish their pets...) D- PVP
  17. Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 12:51 PM EDT by Cear Dallben Dragon (Atlantic) The Following Scroll is Tacked up Across the Realm's Banks My name is King Ares, I'm opening the first Ultima Online Haunted Maze on Atlantic in hopes to give UO more of a spin on some new things and new games coming in the future. The maze opens this Friday April 17th 2009 at 8:00pm eastern. Its located on umbra road going west. Its just north of the ascension pvm house and right below Atlantic outlet malls. I would like UO to please focus on posting these events, and posting pictures of the eve
  18. Check out some of these pictures. Screenshots from the ultima 7 series. Lord British's will And the nursery with diapers!!!! Then there are the baths in Bucaneers Den, where you can bathe or have a massage..... Then serpent Isle, a strange woman does a nude dance in an attempt to seduce the Avatar!!!!! Will post more soon when I have more time to play
  19. MMORPG.com Ultima Online Correspondent Shannon Young writes this editorial overview of the classic MMORPG, Ultima Online discussing the game from launch to today. In September of 1997 the evolution of role playing games found its catalyst. Role playing games had already been enjoying a long history of success. The video game boom of the late 80 and early 90 saw companies such as Square become household names in the United States with the series Final Fantasy and in Japan, games like Dragon Quest (made by future Square partner Enix) found themselves in similar graces. RPGs were
  20. Why do people get so angry playing Ultima? I play on Atlantic, and am almost to the point of leaving my guild over this. I go out and work champs by myself a lot of the times to get pink scrolls. I can get the spawn to level three easy enough. Once I find those slayer bows I'll be good to roll! lol Anyways, I have no fun when someone starts complaining or fussing over the game. I play to enjoy myself and relax. Not to hear someone having a come apart over Vent. Are all guilds that are decently sized like this? I just get so sick of it. I wish I could find like 8 people who were all laid
  21. Okay so UO auction has been closed for some time now i'm guessing? Anyone know of any new auction sites to buy and sell stuff on?? I miss having uo auction!
  22. Received the newsletter this morning in my email box ... it has a really nice banner ... I like the MY UO theme. The newsletter is promoting Stygian Abyss Website updates with links to learn more about Fire Island, The Stygian Abyss & Ter Mur... Stygian Abyss website
  23. I am looking to get 0.85 per mil on LS, $1 per on other shards (100mil min on other shards). I know "uomart" was selling it at .55 per, but even they are charging .90 per now. I am trust who verified on markee dragon! so if you do not want to put in a CC on a website and want to deal with someone who has been around, then let me know! =) (reason it's $1 on other shard is because I have to transfer over there) I do understand people hate when someone sells gold for less than a $1 per mil, but I just have my linited supply and when it's gone I'm done selling it ICQ: 78881350 AIM: Deriu
  24. http://www.rom-gods.net/PC_DOS_ABANDONWARE/rpg_role/rpg2.php?Letra=U found this site earlier, they host several of the old Ultima games, including Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss. I'll assume they have full rights and permission from all copyright holders to host these games
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