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  1. Saw this image in the daily mail newspaper, so scanned it in.
  2. ABOUT TIME TO !!!!!!! What is it? The first UK Armed Forces Day will be taking place on Saturday 27 June 2009. It is an annual day to celebrate the work of the Armed Forces community. Armed Forces Day is an opportunity for the nation to show its support for our Service men and women, whether veteran or still serving. It’s an opportunity to honour and celebrate the work they do in support of our country. Get involved Find out how you can take part and help spread the word about Armed Forces Day. Show your support and get involved
  3. About time to. All Gurkha veterans who retired before 1997 with at least four years' service will be allowed to settle in the UK, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said. Ms Smith told MPs she was "proud to offer this country's welcome to all who have served in the brigade of Gurkhas". It comes after a high-profile campaign by Joanna Lumley and other supporters of Gurkha rights - and an embarrassing Commons defeat for the government. Some 36,000 Gurkhas who left before 1997 had been denied UK residency. Ms Lumley, the actress who has been the public face of the campaign on behalf of th
  4. Michael Martin organised a meeting to create proposals over MP expenses Under-fire Speaker to step down Michael Martin is set to announce he will stand down "soon" as Speaker in a Commons statement to MPs at 1430 BST. Mr Martin has been criticised over his handling of the furore over MPs' expenses and a motion of no confidence in him has been backed by 23 MPs. It will be the first time in 300 years that a Speaker has effectively been forced out of office. He may well step down as an MP as well - officials in his Glasgow constituency are prep
  5. UK 'least wanted' list published Two anti-gay preachers who have picketed soldiers' funerals are banned The names of some of the people barred from entering the UK for fostering extremism or hatred have been published for the first time. Islamic extremists, white supremacists and a US radio host are among the 16 of 22 excluded in the five months to March to have been named by the H
  6. Source - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8026136.stm British combat operations in Iraq will come to an end later on Thursday with a handover to American forces. The move, a month ahead of schedule, ends a six-year UK military presence. A memorial service has taken place in Basra for the 179 British personnel who have died during the conflict, attended by Defence Secretary John Hutton. The focus was a memorial wall featuring the names of the 234 UK and foreign troops who lost their lives while serving under British command in Iraq. The official end of operations will come when the UK
  7. For more information on what Phorm is, visit - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7999635.stm But I just wanted to let our UK users here know that I've already submitted the optOUT request to Phorm. Also going to block Phorm's IP to.
  8. CNN's Paula Newton reports on the touching way ordinary British citizens pause to honor returning war dead. <script src="http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.element/js/2.0/video/evp/module.js?loc=int&vid=/video/world/2009/02/27/newton.uk.fallen.return.cnn" type="text/javascript"></script><noscript>Embedded video from <a href="http://www.cnn.com/video">CNN Video</a></noscript>
  9. Hello fellow Britannians, As announced at the end of the past week, the HLP guild will be running a new trade caravan. This is 2009 first trade caravan! So don't miss it! This time we will be on the road to Britain from Trinsic. I hope to see you there! Here is the planned route : Everyone is welcome to join us and help us defend our prized possessions in the dangerous trip. The caravan will depart on wednesday, enlist yourself! We count on you! Paidric of New Haven. -------------------------------- This event is intended for all players who want to experience some PvP in a fu
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7081038.stm
  11. to attend the MFestival that starts tomorrow being officially opened by Hollyoaks Gemma Atkinson. The largest Games event in the UK More details here
  12. Gather for a potter around Felucca for the fifth trade caravan, departing from Vesper at 7:40pm enroute to Cove. leave valubles behind.
  13. Thursday 15th May - Joint Cove-Trinsic Market - Forums4Games -Esmeralda
  14. Gather for 8pm for the 3rd Felucca Caravan from Britain to Trinsic. Thursday
  15. Another vital consignment of Gunpowder for the Garrison. Leave Skara at 9pm sharp. -Esmeralda
  16. We'll take a trip to the opening night of the Thirsty Frog in Skara Brae. http://www.uoforums.com/f1068/grand-opening-thirsty-frog-tavern-42423/ -Esmeralda
  17. Gather at the Garrison for Duty. We'll have a meeting for the benefit of our newer members. followed by some activities and then a patrol around the lands. *Edit* This will probably be preceded by a trip to the Kings Deer Tavern In Stonekeep, for those who can make it. -Esmeralda.
  18. Please see: http://www.uoforums.com/f1241/interview-stratics-42081-new/ ICQ me if you haven't got access there.
  19. This Wednesday the 19th March at 8:30 UK time, Trinsic will host an Armor and Weapon parade contest. The warriors and smiths of the lands are invited to show off their best parade armor and present to a jury the advantages and features of the armor and weapons. The best smiths will be rewarded with magik smith hammers and anvils. The show will be featured at the Trinsic west gate. Kaelyn
  20. Severe gales are predicted as the worse storm of the winter is expected to hit the South and West of England and Wales.
  21. UK government acts on hoax e-mail The hoax e-mail has been circulating for months The UK government is taking the unprecedented step of writing to every embassy to stop a false e-mail rumour about Holocaust teaching being banned. A widely-circulated e-mail has falsely claimed that schools in the UK will stop teaching the Holocaust because it might cause offence to Muslims. Schools Secretary Ed Balls says he wants to "put an e
  22. The UK's first "fibre town" could go online in the autumn, delivering speeds of about 100Mbps (megabits per second) to consumers' homes. Fibre firm H20 provides super-fast broadband via the sewers and either Bournemouth, Northampton or Dundee will be offered the service first. It will compete with more established companies, such as Virgin Media, which is speeding up its cable network. It follows government concerns that the UK is not embracing next-gen broadband. Full story here
  23. Uber pwnage....well, not available here, but still heh UK homes to get super-fast fibre By Jane Wakefield Technology reporter, BBC News
  24. Nuclear plants set for go-ahead Sizewell B, the UK's newest reactor, was built in the 1980s
  25. Just caught these ads on a channel tonight,but cant remember which one I was watching at the time.I think it was a UK channel though I could be wrong. Anyone remember the A team,and you'll know Mr.T,and of course the other guy everyone knows. http://kotaku.com/gaming/clips/new-wow-ads-recruit-mr-t-and-shatner-325030.php
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